Better Than Barbie: The Hillary Clinton Action Figure Campaign Already In Full Swing


Yes Hillary, we’ve been asking ourselves the same thing. How on earth has Barbie managed to dupe us into thinking she is even remotely close to being a real role model…

There has been no announcement from Hillary Clinton’s administration WE MEAN camp on whether she us running to be the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America, but it seems the pre-campaign is already in full swing.

A Brooklyn-based product design company called FCTRY, run by husband and wife team Alyssa Zeller Feinberg and Jason Feinberg, have launched a campaign to create a Hillary Clinton action figure more in the vein of Star Wars action figures, as opposed to Barbie.

They wanted to create a product that challenged the stereotyped ideals that are projected by Barbie.

“She’s not a “Doll”. She’s an Action Figure and there’s a good reason why. Dolls like Barbie have a long history of sending out the wrong message to girls. Hillary Clinton is the antidote to that message, and this toy was designed to reflect that,” says the Kickstarter campaign page.


Hillary is quite a polarizing figure in real life which is a shame. Urban Outfitters recently sold out of a rather sexist item called the ‘Hillary Nutcracker’ which just exemplifies the stupidity the real-life Hillary might be up against if she decides to run. Thankfully she is a tough person who doesn’t let low-level jabs get to her, and won’t be starting a Pinterest page about Rand Paul anytime soon because she, unlike him, is not 12 years old and has actual political work to focus on.

If Hillary Clinton using a private email account during work time is the worst thing that pundits can talk about when it comes to the former Secretary of State, we seriously need to re-think what constitutes as “news” these days.

Any who, let’s get back to the Hillary Action Figure because while it may be a novelty, what it stands for is something very important. FCTRY is trying to the exact opposite of the Urban Outfitters nutcracker.

We spoke to Jessica Lindsay from FCTRY who told us they have gotten a fairly hostile reaction from conservatives online (naturally), but the product is meant to be non-partisan. It’s more about sending a positive message about role models to young girls.


How did the idea for the Hillary Clinton Action Figure come about?

We started with one simple goal; to make Hillary Clinton into an awesome iconic action figure. We worked with artist Mike Leavitt to create a true representation of Hillary, including her famous blue pantsuit and no-nonsense power stance.

Are there any other dolls on the market based on world leaders that you know of?

We know that in the past there have been several types of action figures based on prominent world leaders. We happen to be the same company that made the Obama Action Figure in 2008. We sold over 200,000 units and contributed over $30,000 to the campaign through various fundraisers and events.

Why do you feel it is important to have more positive role models in dolls as opposed to just Barbie?

Hillary is not a “Doll”. She’s an Action Figure and there’s a good reason why. She could very well be the future leader of the Free world. In our view, that ticks the box for “positive female role model.” In fact, she’s a role model for all humans.

Hillary is a very polarizing figure, why was this a factor in the creation of the figure?

“People call Hillary a polarizing character and that may be true”, says Jason Feinberg of FCTRY, “but that means in addition to all the haters, there are millions of supporters who are just as passionate about Hillary, if not more. Those are the people we made this for.”


Do we even need to ask who you’d vote for if Hillary chooses to run in 2016?

Hillary’s our girl! 🙂

Aside from the novelty aspect, what is the deeper message you are trying to send to young girls and the rest of society with the action figure?

We’re aiming to give children of all genders and ages an action figure that is the embodiment of leadership and inspiration. Hopefully it will help to teach them that nothing is out of reach if they truly want it.

What kind of impact do you hope the Hillary doll will have on the public?

Basically, we’re hoping to kick off some light-hearted excitement about her campaign and the amazingly cool prospect of America getting its first woman president. If she runs, we believe that the action figure will serve voters as a tangible reminder of how awesome this wonder woman truly is!

To find out more on how the Hillary Clinton action figure was created and donate to make this Kickstarter campaign a reality, click here.



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