Bi-Racial Comedian, Creator & Curve Model Anastasia Washington Tackles The Tough Topics

Comedian Anastasia Washington | Photo by Ben Cope

Anastasia Washington is the comedic voice of the future. The ‘bi-racial boss lady with curves, curls and sass’ is utilizing her many talents for good by breaking down barriers and giving a voice to those who need it. As a Los Angeles native, she began professionally acting and singing at just 3-years-old and has since done everything under the show biz sun. Her lengthy list of award-winning talents have given her many titles including: Actress, Comedian, Podcaster, Writer, Director, Singer, Curvy Model, Comic Con Panelist, and Dance Hall Queen. She’s seen the industry at its best and worst throughout her career, and is now working to be the change she wishes to see in the world. 

Anastasia utilizes her platform to educate her audience about topics such as police brutality, eating disorders, and color-ism. She incorporates her advocacy into her award-winning shorts including “What are you?” which touches on the struggles of expressing one’s identity as a person of mixed races, and “He Said, She Said” which tackles the topic of sexual assault. Anastasia constantly strives to take on these difficult topics and make the big changes needed through creative expression.

Her work can be seen on-screen in productions such as The Addams Family Movies and Die Hard 2, as well as previous hosting opportunities for WonderCon, San Diego Comic Con, LA Comic Con, Red Carpet Report, and more. She has modeled for big-name brands such as: Nordstrom, NYDJ, Dickies, Mod Cloth, and Marvel.

Throughout the pandemic alone, Anastasia was able to produce, write and star in a one-woman-show that played at the Black Voices Festival and Solo Fest called “50 Shades of Mixed: Confessions of your Ethnically Ambiguous Best Friend” and a web series called “Disordered”.

Currently, Anastasia is working on creating more stand-up specials, podcasts, feature films, and a self-help book. With the hopes of furthering the conversation of color-ism, discrimination, and even bring attention to true crime stories.

As if she has any time to spare among the many projects she is involved in, we managed to steal some of her time to go one-on-one and get to know Anastasia more and get a glimpse into what she will be working on in 2022.

Comedian Anastasia Washington | Photo by Ben Cope

Tell us about your foray into the comedy world and what made you want to become a comedian/actress:

I started acting and singing professionally quite young. I was performing in movies and TV by the time I was 3 and joined the actor’s union by 9 years old. I was always performing, my mom saw that in me and supported me getting into the industry. I loved making people laugh and smile. As I got older, comedy seemed like the natural place to expand my career and to really fulfill my need to speak my truths in a palatable way. Stand up comedy was the perfect place for that.

One of the things you are known for is the way you talk candidly about colorist and discrimination. As a biracial woman, why is is important for you to have these conversations with your audience?

For me, it’s important for a few reasons. First, the fact it was hurting me to keep silent about my feelings. I felt isolated and alone and I didn’t want to feel that anymore. And secondly, so other people don’t feel alone. So they see themselves and their pain and concerns represented. I hope they find a friend in me that knows how it feels and can maybe heal with me. And lastly so others understand. I think by sharing my true hope is that it brings everyone together and even closer.

The pandemic has been difficult for a lot of stand-up comedians, and yet you still wrote, produced and starred in a one-woman show that played at the Black Voices Festival called “50 Shades of Mixed: Confessions of your Ethnically Ambiguous Best Friend” and a web series called “Disordered”.  Can you tell us more about these projects?

Actually I’m excited to announce that on February 19th, “50 Shades of Mixed” is coming to the The Wayward Artist in Santa Ana, California. It’s basically about the first 10 years of my life as a Bi-racial woman and actor in Los Angeles. And I’m super excited to bring it back. I kept busy during the pandemic for my sanity including producing a documentary about Black Trans life called, “Free To Be” which is doing really well on the festival circuit.

I also starred in a horror comedy produced and directed by women called “Demon Juice,” about a girls weekend that goes terribly wrong, which is also killing it on the festival circuit. And I just wrapped working on an audio drama called “The Cosmic Game” coming soon! I just love working and bringing stories to life in any form I can.

Comedian Anastasia Washington | Photo by Ben Cope

We’re seeing a wave of more comedians, especially people of color, using their stages and platforms to talk about serious topics, even in serious ways. Do you think this is something we’re going to see a lot more of, given the political climate we are living in?

I think yes and no. It’s hard to speak up in this climate. Cancel culture is strong and it’s not always sensitive to the experience of People of Color. But those of us that know the pain of keeping this stuff in and can’t stand it anymore are speaking up. I think as long as we approach things with love and empathy and are not afraid to forgive or even be wrong then we are on a good track.

What projects are you working on in 2022, and what are you most excited to launch?

My one woman show. I will be doing lots more comedy festivals. And I will be producing more films. My podcasts “Cereal Killer” and “You can’t do that anymore” will be coming back with a new season. I also will be getting my self-help book out there and a comedy album. And probably more stuff because who needs sleep!  

With so many celeb male comedians being called out for sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, topics you have talked about in your work, what kind of changes do you hope to see more of in the comedy world and how are you working toward this?

I hope that we all respect each other more. I want to see us be truly equals. I also want to see evolution and changes in those that have messed up. As long as it’s not assault, I think we can evolve as a community, forgive and change how we address each other. I want to see a truly mixed group of comics on every show, and for it not to be an ‘us versus them’. I want to see a true respectful badass community that works together and supports each other. 

Dream scenario: if the budget was limitless, what kind of comedy project would you create for yourself?

I would create a wellness comedy festival. So that wellness doesn’t feel so unattainable to people. I want to have fun with it and reach more people and help people heal. I would also produce the heck out my film and TV scripts.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time, and what do you want audiences to immediately think of when they hear “Anastasia Washington”?

Comedic Genius. No but really. I want them to think that she isn’t scared to tackle things that are hard and make us laugh. That she helps us heal through laughter and empathy.

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