The Only Bikini Calendar A Woman Should Ever Buy


OK everyone listen up, a revolution has arrived! Bathing suit brand Swimsuitsforall has ventured where no other brand or designer has gone before, and is about to make fashion a whole lot more interested for diverse body types. That means, fashion is no longer about being Caucasian, size zero, and eating nothing.

Nope! It is now about embracing your body the way it is, and celebrating the fact that there are companies who are starting to recognize the more they diversify, the more money they will actually make. Duh! Like we all couldn’t have told the industry this a LONG time ago!

The brand has just released images and a video (below) of a new calendar, called ‘Sexy at every curve’ featuring a group of varied-sized models including arguably one of the biggest names in plus size fashion Robyn Lawley, popular plus size blogger Gabi Gregg, aka Gabi Fresh, and more women from around the world who are here to tell us all it is time to do away with narrow-minded marketing in the media.

We all remember this recent Sports Illustrated cover, featuring Chrissy Teigen, Lily Alridge and Nina Agdal, right?


Yep, that’s the one which made pretty much 90% of the world’ female population groan inwardly an roll their eyes at what a backward step it was to continue to place the same type of girls and bodies on the cover of a magazine. Sure, we know it’s a guy’s publication, but unless they too start seeing other variations of women’s bodies as “beautiful” and “sexy”, how are they ever going to know?

(Random question, why does a men’s sports magazine need to advertize girls wearing bikini’s? Can someone please answer that? Is it a ridiculously successful and thriving place for swimsuit sales that we don’t know about?)

There have been rumors that Robyn Lawley is in fact going to be the first ever plus size woman featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which we sincerely hope to be a very true rumor because it will have a massive impact on readers, as well as the greater collective social conscience about body image in the media.

“We believe that all women can be sexy at ever curve,” says the Swimsuitsforall video, talking about why they wanted to make this calendar.

“I think it’s sad that the representation of women in mainstream culture is so small…So many women see those girls and they think they have to look like them, and I know that plus size models and bloggers like myself are really helping to change that,” says Gabi Gregg, who previously designed a range of bikini’s for the brand, called a ‘fatkini’ which proved to be really popular.


“Young girls grow up looking at magazines at teeny tiny skinny girls and say ‘oh I should look like this’. And that’s how eating disorders are developed. I think the media, and TV, and magazines has a lot to do with it,” says British calendar model Shareefa J.

Robyn Lawley talks about her own struggles as a curvy girl finding a swimsuit that would actually fit her body proportions, and having to resort to wearing underwear at the beach. Perhaps that’s why this calendar will be so popular and impact so many women, because it caters to such a range of body shapes, rather than teaching women that they have to get their bodies to fit into whatever they are selling.

“I think there needs to be more publications and campaigns so that people can look at these things and say ‘wow I look like these women, they feel sexy and confident and they’re portraying my body shape’,” says British model Jada Sezer.

Well, well, well. It turns out we’ve been duped all along. Because ALL bodies are bikini bodies, no matter their shape or size. This 12-month calendar is set to challenge the rest of the market, and we will be watching eagerly to see how it will affect the rest of the swimsuit industry.

Well done ladies!


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