Bing Reminds Us In This Video Why Being A Woman Is A Cause For Celebration


If you need any more reason to celebrate being a woman, then perhaps this view video made by search engine Bing will remind you why why we are awesome! We are not the fairer sex, we are the fighters. We are not weak, we are the ones who provide strength for our families, friends, and communities thanks to painful experiences.

Bing cut together a clip of images, audio and video of women who made our world a bit more heroic and brighter in 2013, which we think is a fantastic reminder that 2014 is going to be even better, bigger, bolder and more brave for us all!

This video is part of their ‘Bing-Heroic Women’ campaign, where you can check out all the amazing ladies who they are paying tribute to. They are women who aren’t necessarily celebrities, but they have made a huge impact in a profound way. Their acts of bravery, boldness in the face of fear, triumph and perseverance are a great lesson to us all that life isn’t about being easy, it is how we rise to the challenge and make the best of our opportunities.

How will you resolve to make a difference in the world after seeing this visual pep-talk?


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