Reporter Tells Bollywood Actress Not To Talk About Women’s Rights. Watch What Happens Next…


Something super amazing just happened, and we have to share it with you all, because we love you and know you will love this!

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the global media, there are a lot of awful stories coming out of India about rape and infanticide. These aren’t new things that are happening in the country, but it is a new thing for men and women to start raising their voice to raise awareness globally, to force change.

Unfortunately it is a society that is still male-dominated and protests for greater protection toward women are going to be an uphill battle. Thankfully there are people in India, such as Bollywood stars who have the biggest influence of all amongst the citizens of the sub-continent, who are raising their voices to help.

Aamir Khan isn’t the only star helping (but it is so freaking awesome to see a guy on board with this issue!). If you’ve never heard of Mallika Sherawat, you won’t forget her name after this story.

The 37 year old is an actress known for her critically acclaimed Indian roles, for being a sex symbol, and also for speaking her mind without fear. She studied philosophy at Delhi University, is starting to cross over into Hollywood with films such as 2011’s Love, Barack, and has also appeared alongside Bruno Mars in a comedy sketch.

Several years ago Mallika said in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine that she found India to be “repressive and depressing” for women, because of all the atrocities her gender faces on a daily basis there. Well apparently those comments came back to haunt her in a recent press conference for her show The Bachelorette India, but being the smart, opinionated girl she is, Mallika was very quick to shut down the reporter who tried to paint her as unpatriotic.

The worst part is that the reporter was a female, who was trying to tell the actress she is doing a disservice to Indian women by talking about the rapes, beatings and infanticides that happen. Mallikas response was basically that she loves India, she stands by her comments and will not lie about the horrible things that happen because she feels its her duty as a celebrity to use her platform to spread awareness. Bravo to this superstar! Shame on the female reporter for being so negative and trying to trip her up.


The reporter challenges her saying why is she trying to “find love” in India when she thinks it is a “repressive society.”

”I think you need to do your homework, well, because I said Indian society is regressive for women,” responds Mallika.

“Why do you think Indian society is regressive for women?” the reporter continues to press on.

“From female foeticide, infanticide numbers taking on a daily basis, gang rapes making the headlines, honour killing. Today I read in the paper, according to UNFPA, 40 percent of Indian women, are married below the age of 18. I think it’s a very, very regressive state for women and I stand by it,” says Mallika, supporting her argument with some solid numbers.”I understand what you’re saying is the truth, Mallika, about women. But when you go on an international platform and say India is regressive for women, then it confirms what they (outsiders) already think of India. They have this image of India not having buildings…But things have changed, we also have education.” The reporter feels Mallika is portraying India unfairly to the world.

Mallik’s response shows she is not trying to paint India as a bad country, but she will also not stand by when the negative things happening are far too horrific to ignore.“I’m not going to lie. I’m not going join this hypocrisy that is there in our society. There are rapes, honour killings in India. Are you saying that if somebody asks me question on that, I should say no. Main jhoot boloo?. (Should I lie?).

“Then, this press attacks me and says that I spoiled India’s name,” she adds. “If women don’t talk about the issues that plague us, then who will.” Exactly! It seems there are people, both men and women who are far too interested in “saving face” about India’s reputation, but the fact of the matter is these atrocities exist and Mallika, thankfully, is one of those passionate individuals who will do whatever she can to change it.


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