Bollywood Star Sonam Kapoor Campaigns For Female Empowerment In India


Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is on a mission to empower women in India. This is the country where the majority of news stories we have seen over the past 2 years have been about the rape and murder of various young women. Newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has vowed to clean up this problem, and even the opposition party led by Rahul Gandhi wants to tackle this problem head on. But Bollywood stars hold so much power and influence over a country whose population is over 1 billion people, and whose audience reaches far and wide around the world.

So when these stars speak up, we listen! Sonam’s latest film is ‘Khoobsurat’ which she stars in alongside Fawad Khan. The duo not only teamed up on screen, but off screen for a corporate responsibility initiative called Sangam, created by electronics manufacturer brand Arise India, which is a social initiative for child welfare and development in India.

“Women not only play a professional role wonderfully well but I think she is the creator of everything that happens in men’s life too. Whatever accomplishments men achieve is because of women and I think no one can match her strength and courage,” said actor Fawad.

He went on to say how the issue of female empowerment is being given a lot of attention globally and that he completely supports it. Whether they be mothers, daughters, sisters, wives or friends, he believes it is women who have the courage and strength to help make men what they are. If he was looking to make his debut in Bollywood count, those words certainly went a long way into the hearts of fans.

“We are happy to support the cause because ‘Khoobsurat’ here stands for all the khoobsurat (beautiful) girls. We don’t respect women and girls and it’s sad especially when we call India ‘Mother India’. I think girls are equal to men, and I think even better, so it is time that one should start respecting women like the way they respect the country,” said Sonam.

The event, which took place in New Delhi,  featured dance performances from children from orphanages, as well as a video presentation about female foeticide. In a country which values the birth of boys over girls, something else significant happened. The first-ever ‘Putri Ratnakar award’ was presented to couples who took upon themselves to raise and nurture a daughter.

Here’s hoping the words and actions of a few who have a big platform will influence many others in the same direction. It is not enough to just rely on governments and officials to take action. We too can use our resources to make a difference, especially if it is for a cause such as empowering the next generation of women.



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