“Boobs Aren’t News!” Video Experiment Shows Blatant Sexism In UK Newspaper


Yep that’s right, boobs aren’t news. Every woman has them, they are a part of the human body, and we’ve known this for centuries. Yet we have created a culture of media that is fascinated by them and the rest of the woman’s body. A woman’s form has become more newsworthy than her brain, and that is a problem.

So much so, that an organization called No More Page 3 in the UK are on the campaign trail to get rid of the infamous Page 3 section of The Sun newspaper which literally shows women scantily clad or half naked for nothing but a male reader’s ogling pleasure.

There are plenty of other organizations trying to get rid of this smutty objectification of women, such as Object, who also say that the section of the paper does nothing to respect women whatsoever.

Some readers may roll their eyes and say this is a little extreme, and that half-naked women are in many magazines. Sure we can’t get around the fact that many women consent to being objectified in the media (sadly) but as consumers, we can have a greater impact as to what gets produced simply by raising our voices and withdrawing our money from these publications.

NMP3 are adamant that this section needs to go, that they created a video experiment to show the sexist standards that subtly exist in the paper because of Page 3.


‘The Experiment’ shows NMP3 workers taking one of the newspaper editions and literally cutting out every picture of a human being. On one wall they put all the images of women, on another, all the images of men. Once they were done, the vast differences in representations and portrayals were blatantly obvious.

In the video they say the majority of male images show men in positions of power, actually “doing” things, and also portray them in a very realistic way. On the other hand the women were mostly shown as passive beings who were posing in unnatural ways to appear more beautiful and attractive. They were largely scantily-clad, and rarely showed any older women.

no-more-page-3-men no-more-page-3-women

“Currently, any story [The Sun runs] about women’s issues such as rape, sexual abuse, harassment, domestic violence or the dangers of online porn is drowned out and contradicted by the neon flashing sign of Page 3 that says ‘shut up, girls, and get your tits out’,” says the organization’s website.

They have also created a petition on Change.org asking the editor of The Sun David Dinsmore to listen to what they are saying and get rid of Page 3.

“Consider this a long overdue outcry. David, stop showing topless pictures of young women in Britain’s most widely read newspaper, stop conditioning your readers to view women as sex objects. Enough is enough,” it says.

What’s kinda ironic is that media mogul Rupert Murdoch who owns The Sun has weighed in on the whole debacle, which has caused some controversial reactions. In 2014 he tweeted a series of opinions saying that feminists “bang on forever about Page 3 but I bet never buy [the] paper”.

However he also admitted the section was outdated and he was considering getting rid of it. We’re still waiting on a decision about that, as are No More Page 3, Object, and many other like-minded organizations. Until then we have to continue to raise our voices in order to get better, more equal representations of women in the media. And if you aren’t comfortable raising your voice in a public way, at least support the people and organizations who are.

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