Brows On Fleek With The New Moodstruck Duo Brow Palette

Younique has just released its MOODSTRUCK Duo Brow Palette. It comes as a brow powder or a brow pomade, and you can mix and match the two if you like to create your own custom brow palette. 

In fact, it’s the customizable nature of this Younique beauty product that sets it apart. We tried the powder and the pomade to see what worked best and both stayed on throughout the day. This meant no re-application necessary or embarrassing looks when one of your brows starts to fade.

Why the MOODSTRUCK Duo Brow Palette stands out

Here’s why we think you’ll love this makeup product:

  • It features two individually refillable slots. Like we mentioned, you can choose two powder or pomades or a combo. Best of all, because they’re refillable, it helps minimize waste and cost. 
  • There are five shade options which means you can mix and match light and dark hues. We discovered that you can add dimension to your brows by using a light color to fill in any sparse areas of your brows and a dark color to outline and define.
  • Both the powder and pomade were easy to apply over the brow hair and skin, giving a thoroughly even finish and a fuller appearance. 
  • They are water and transfer-resistant, so your look stays in place for longer, and you don’t have to worry about rain or moisture. 
  • While the powder and pomade are made from different formulas, they both share some common ingredients and benefits. For starters, they’re Vitamin E enriched, which helps to condition the skin and hair, making them appear healthier. They also have castor oil which is rich in ricinolein fatty acid and nourishes hair and follicles. The Hyaluronic Acid in them helps to retain moisture in the skin and hair.

It’s also easy to apply as you would expect with any one of the Younique products, and we had no problem getting a smooth look in less than a minute. Since it’s good for your skin and hair, it also feels nice, which is an added bonus when it still feels lightweight. 

Where can you buy the MOODSTRUCK Duo Brow Palette?

You can buy any of the Younique products from one of their Younique presenters online. This is a cohort of ladies who have their own business marketing Younique’s cosmetic line. They are part of the gig economy phenomena where people work as their own boss and can choose their hours or how much or little they work. 

It’s become such a big industry in its own right in the US, there is talk about classifying gig workers as “employees” so that they would be entitled to work benefits. Given today’s global situation, this sector is only likely to increase exponentially. Opportunities like the one that Younique offers make it easy to work from home for many women around the world. 

The company says that it offers training on marketing and provides full support. As an industry leader in the makeup world, it makes sense that they are cutting edge and being innovative with how they run the business by having the Younique presenters as the face of the company.