Burma’s First All-Female Pop Group Diversifying Girl Power!

Me n Ma Girls

Girl Power comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and from all types of backgrounds. In case you haven’t yet heard about them, meet the four girls from Burma’s first ever all-female pop group ‘Me n Ma Girls’. It’s a play on the word Myanmar, Burma’s capital.

They formed in 2010, the same year famed human rights activist Aung San Suu Kyi was released from decades of house arrest. Seems appropriate that these pop queens herald in a new wave of feminism a girl power in the 21st century in that country.

Earlier in 2013, the girls closed out the Women in the World summit in New York in April. The girls all have college degrees, and perform original songs, no covers.

“Most of the bands copy tracks, because it is easy to be popular,” said Htike Htike Aung, who studied computer science in school. “We don’t want copy tracks because we want to create our own way and also now we have freedom of speech in our country and we can say what we want.”

They have come up against strict censor laws which have forbidden them from having dyed hair and wigs in the music videos, for example.

On their Facebook page you can see what they stand for: “Sisterhood. Staying true to yourself. Loving each other’s differences. Supporting each other through good and bad. Never giving up hope.”

All the girls have strong ties to family and stress the importance of education. They also believe in equal rights and unity for all. Ah Moon has a degree in languages (she speaks fluent Japanese, French, English, Burmese, and Russian.) Htike Htike (pronounced Tie Tie) has her degree in computer science. Kimi has a degree in Mathematics. Cha Cha’s degree is in Zoology.

Aside from activism, it’s inspiring to see the next generation of girls in third world countries like Burma using their passion and talents to empower the next generation of girls who will make a global impact simply because they will know their voice valued.

And here’s the thing, you don’t necessarily have to love their music, we wanted to write this post to show the global trend of girl power that is becoming unstoppable. In all corners of the world women and girls deserve to be valued and we hope wherever you are from, you will be inspired to take a stand for something in your life.

Check out Me N Ma Girls’ latest single ‘Girl Strong’.



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