Caitlin Crosby Says Music, Homeless People & Cellulite Are The Keys To Her Success

Caitlin Crosby

We love Caitlin Crosby. She is a gorgeous, amazing and talented lady who is taking the entertainment and philanthropy world by storm. Haven’t yet heard of her? Well you may have seen her appear in TV shows such as Malcolm in the Middle, That 70s Show and Seventh Heaven.

But don’t even pay attention to that because that is nowhere near the most astounding thing about her.

We first met Caitlin last year and asked her about her business called ‘The Giving Keys’ and her inspiring, empowering website aimed at women and men called Love Your Flawz. 

Her story and entrepreneurship is so amazing, it’s no wonder Caitlin was chosen as a spokesperson for Oprah’s top 10 favorite charities for O Magazine’s 10-year anniversary and Oprah’s Live Your Best Life events. She was also asked to give a TED Talk recently which we wanted to share with you today.

Just so you know, Caitlin is the type of Hollywood babe that could’ve selfishly pursued a superstar career and focused only on herself. While she is still releasing music and no doubt takes acting roles here and there, her main focus is her passion and to spread the message of love and hope to everyone, everywhere.

Listen to her share about The Giving Keys, Love Your Flawz, and her music. Is it an inspiring 12 minutes that we know will start off your mid-week slump in the right way:

The message of love and hope is an easily overlooked one in our society and our generation. Every now and then we have rays of sunshine like Caitlin to remind us that we are all humans and we all possess within us the power to make a difference. Use what we have, and develop a passion. Not for the sake of selfish gain, but to benefit the lives of those around us.

Caitlin Crosby

If you had a chance to make a change, or do something impactful what would it be? Would you wait until you were rich or famous or can you start something where you are now?

Asha & Caitlin  Asha & Caitlin


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