Can This Petition Get An Iconic Woman On The American $20 Bill By 2020?


You guys this could seriously be happening! A campaign called ‘Women on 20s’ was started to petition the US government to replace one of the all-male faces on the paper currency with an iconic American woman.

The specific note the petition is taking aim at is the $20 featuring ex president Andrew Jackson. The $20 is significant for a few reasons.

The petition wants to have a woman on the American paper currency by 2020 because that year will mark the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. Which is why the $20 is the one they have their eye on. Also, Andrew Jackson was very vocal about his disdain for a central banking system and favored hard gold or silver over paper money, according to the Women on 20s website. In that sense it shouldn’t be too hard to alleviate him from the very type of currency he didn’t want in America in the first place.

The campaign website outlines a few other details about President Jackson, such as he was the creator of the Democratic political party, but was also responsible for displacing many native American Indian tribes from some of the Southeastern states in favor of white settlers. This incident has become known as the ‘Trail of Tears’.


Women on 20s, which also goes by W20, is a non-profit which has been campaigning for President Obama to make the change they want. And in the NBC Nightly News report video below, President Obama thinks it is a good idea.

“We at Women on 20s applaud President Obama for acknowledging that it’s time to put a woman’s face on our paper currency. In fact, for almost a year we’ve been plotting to petition him to do just that. It struck us, for instance, that most Americans today have no idea that there was another woman behind Susan B. Anthony —  Elizabeth Cady Stanton — who was instrumental in ensuring the rights that women enjoy today,” say the organizers.

The campaign has so far received over 70,000 votes (PS it’s free and quick and we encourage you all to do this!) and if they end up getting 100,00 signatures, the White House will have to respond and could possibly make history.


The non-profit group have come up with a list of 15 names that people can choose from (you can choose up to three when you vote) including Eleanor Roosevelt, Shirley Chisholm, Rosa Parks, Bella Abzug and more.

Two notable women missing from the list are Susan B. Anthony and Shoshone Indian guide Sacagawea, who accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition. They were already included on certain iterations of the $1.00 gold coin, which doesn’t get as widely used as the dollar bills or other notes.

So far the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and it has been spreading like wildfire across the internet.

”I knew this would take off, but I didn’t know it would take off this fast,” says Susan Ades Stone, a journalist and editor who helped organize the campaign, to

“We stuck very closely to this rubric of evaluating every candidate by the breadth of their impact: how transformational was their contribution?” she explained. “And the other factor we asked people to consider were ‘what were the challenges these people faced?’”

The idea for this campaign came about when Susan and her co-petitioner Barbara Ortiz Howard were confronted with the fact that their daughters didn’t have any daily reminders about important women in America’s history. They wanted to change that.

“Part of the mission, besides getting a woman on the $20 bill, is to educate as many people as possible about as many women as possible,” Susan says. “We wanted this to be a grassroots movement, we wanted it to come from the people, and we wanted this to be a referendum. [Now] it’s up to the President to decide what to do.”


It may seem like a trivial matter to pursue, but in the eyes of these women, it makes a huge difference in our daily lives.

“It’s a small symbol, but there are millions of bills that are going from hand to hand every day,” said Barbara Ortiz Howard.

You can see the full list of candidates by clicking here. We’re so excited about what could possibly happen with this campaign. The time is well overdue to have iconic American women who shaped our past and framed our futures to be acknowledged in a way that is a daily reminder.

As NBC Nightly News’ Lester Holt says in the report below, the UK has Margaret Thatcher and Argentina has Eva Peron on their currency. We have plenty of female candidates to choose from.



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