‘Catching Fire’ Opening Weekend Proves Women Are A Box Office Hit


Back in October we spoke about how Sandra Bullock’s makeup-less lead role as an astronaut in Gravity enabled the film to become the biggest opening film for any October. It was a big deal because she wasn’t playing a sexualized woman, nor a sidekick. And to show that a film like this can gross such huge numbers means there is no excuse for Hollywood to ignore lead females over men anymore.

Just to add insult to injury, the second installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, which was released over the weekend here in the US, went one step further to showing we mean business at the box office!

It had an opening gross of $161 million, the biggest opening in any November at the US box office. And that was only the first weekend! Because of those numbers, it also becomes the 4th biggest opening weekend on record.

In case you have no idea about the Hunger Games trilogy, the lead character is a woman, Katniss Everdeen who is a strong character fighting for her family and townsfolk’s survival against an evil Capitol. The role is played by an equally strong in real life female, Jennifer Lawrence, who is openly spoken up about inspiring young women and talks a good game about positive body image.

To put it into numbers perspective,  Iron Man 3 is currently the top grossing movie of the year opening this past May at $174 million, and Thor: The Dark World opened three weeks ago to $85 million. Its current gross in the US is $167 million, according to Indie Wire. Catching Fire’s $161 million opening weekend easily sets it up to out-do both Iron Man and Thor in no time.

“How with numbers like this are we supposed to continue to believe the narrative that movies that star women don’t make money?  It is time once and for all to retire the argument that women can’t generate big box office dollars,” says Melissa Silverstein from Forbes.

“The other thing that makes this film huge is that men want to see it as much as women.”

We fully agree. There is no excuse for studio heads to even think any different. If all the really care about is the bottom line, then here it is in plain view: women rule the box office, and we want to see more strong women on screen, as well as behind the scenes.



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