Celeb Designer Stella McCartney Never Felt Good Enough Or Thin Enough For The Fashion Industry

Designer to some of the biggest celebrities in the world and daughter of a Beatle, Stella McCartney opens up to (super cute and bubbly!) French blogger Garance Dor at her Pre-Fall 2013 presentation about what life is really like behind closed doors in the fashion world.

Sitting down in Stella’s New York abode she opens up to Garance that things haven’t always been easy for her in the fashion industry, despite her name and reputation.

Garance and Stella

Growing, up the mother of 4 says she always aspired to be part of the glamorous fashion world but it didn’t happen seamlessly. “The moments I had contact with it didn’t feel like it welcomed me. I don’t know if it was me or whether it is just the case in luxury fashion brands but there is this sense that you’re not good enough…you’re not thin enough and maybe you’re not cool enough. Maybe I picked up on that because I’m a woman.”

Stella says this was an ongoing feeling during the 90s and as a result has shunned the elitism that is so often rampant in the fashion world. A lot of what she believes in and stands for (she famously never uses fur or leather and is a vegan), a lot of what has shaped her during her career is reflected in her brand.

“I have an empathy to being a woman, wanting to be the things we all want to be, and how hard that is. So I want my brand to help people not make them feel more crap about themselves.”


It is hard to believe that such a celebrated brand and powerful woman ever felt “crap about herself” but she has obviously used these experiences to reflect her designs. Designs that real women can wear because she doesn’t want to be part of some elite club.

Blogger Garance even opens up to Stella saying she loves wearing her dresses because they are designs she can actually fit her body and (more importantly) her boobs into! I mean, how many times do we see high fashion on the catwalks that no average person with curves, boobs and a booty can even think about wearing?

Stella is a designer who recognizes that womens’ bodies fluctuate over time. Her empathy and care when it comes to designing and creating is paramount. “At the end of the day I just want to make women feel better about themselves…My Inspiration is women!”

When asked why she doesn’t use fur or leather, McCartney says she really truly believes in not using it. “I can only do what I feel is right and practice what I preach so I do that in my business.”

Stella McCartney Pre Fall

Her advice to young aspiring fashion designers wanting to follow in her well-heeled footsteps? If you really want it, you have to work hard to get it. Here is the full interview from Garance’s fabulous youtube channel:

A true role model and inspiration for fashion lovers and aspiring designers everywhere. She has worked hard, stayed true to herself and as a result has stayed at the top of her game. We believe our culture is moving toward more authenticity, respectability. There is a great need for women to have positive, successful, hard-working and genuine role models. Ladies, they are not hard to find, we will do most of the leg work for you.

What are your aspirations in life? What are the things that hold you back from achieving them?



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