Celebrate International Women’s Day By Sending One Of These Free Inspirational Cards

International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8, is just around the corner. This day began in 1911 as a series of rallies where women spoke out against the continued discrimination against them and advocated for social reform. Today, the day marks an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women everywhere, and it serves as a platform for women to continue the fight against inequality. Although women’s rights have come a long way since the start of International Women’s Day, there are still many battles to be won.

But this day should mark more than just the ongoing struggles women still face today. It should be considered a joyous day to reflect on all that women have accomplished over the centuries and serve as an occasion to celebrate all the incredible women in your life (or even yourself!). You don’t need to run a multimillion-dollar fundraising campaign or throw an extravagant event to celebrate International Women’s Day — you can observe the day right at home.

Take time to look back on your own personal achievements, no matter how small they may seem to you. Every win is admirable, and as we are still in the midst of recovering from a global pandemic where everyone is struggling in some way, it is more important than ever to celebrate the moments in our lives that bring us joy. This year, it could mean honoring the women in your life who have made an impact in some way. You don’t have to send them an expensive bouquet of flowers, you can do something as simple as giving them a quick phone call or sending them an inspirational card, which is what we are going to be doing!

Capitol One Shopping has made some really cool free cards you can print out and send to the special women in your life this year. Featuring inspirational quotes and images of famous ladies such as Aretha Franklin, Frida Kahlo, and America’s first rocket scientist Mary Sherman Morgan,

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s an easy way to pause for a moment and reflect on International Women’s Day. Learn more about women throughout history who have fought for us to be where we are today, or educate your friends and family about women who have accomplished something dear to you. But however you choose to celebrate, be sure to celebrate yourself, too.

You can download and print the cards using this link. Check out the designs below:

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