CEO Talks About Her Job That Some Consider More Stressful Than Others – Motherhood

By Nancy Chan

Becoming a CEO and operating a company is a challenging feat that many people will never experience, but being a mother is just as difficult and trying of a job, just in different ways. Juggling the two has definitely not been easy, but it has definitely been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 

My name is Nancy Chan, and I am both a mother to two boys and the CEO of Epion Brands, the maker of Kori Krill Oil. While these jobs are immensely different, I find that they are also similar in a lot of ways and that I can take things I learn in each role and apply them to the other. To me, motherhood is the opportunity and responsibility to nurture another life. Raising and teaching such an innocent being who is completely dependent on you for survival is unimaginable pressure, but helping them grow into an independent person is so fulfilling. 

As a mom, I strive to ensure that I am instilling a sense of value in my boys that they can be proud of, such as the importance of respect, responsibility, and the effects that becoming a caring member of society can have on people. I love teaching my kids important life lessons and hope to provide a safe environment and foster a sense of curiosity and adventure so they feel like they can explore the world and talk to me about anything without feeling cautious. I support their interests and passion for wherever they want to go in life. 

My other role as a CEO also requires a lot out of me too, just in different ways. Epion Brands is a small business and Kori Krill Oil is a new brand that heavily lean into resources such as our highly effective, driven, and multi-faceted team. The willingness and ability of the team to stretch beyond our job descriptions is what makes us efficient and effective. As a CEO, I’m in charge of a lot of very different tasks from drafting strategy to being able to roll up my sleeves and execute. 

It is empowering to have the opportunity to put together the perfect team who has a shared vision and passion for health & wellness and also believes in the potential of Kori Krill Oil to create products that really have an impact on and improve human health while also respecting the earth and environment. We’re driven by the recognition that over 70% of Americans are deficient in omega-3s, an essential nutrient our body needs to thrive! It’s a simple and clear mission – take an easy step to support your health with krill oil omega-3 supplements and let’s make sure Kori inspires American to do so.

Our team has worked together to create a company that is sustainable and provides krill oil in its purest, most absorbable form, creating the optimal product for overall health and wellness. It has been wonderful to work with others who share my passion for krill and supplements. I approach my working team as an extended family. 

Through my role as a mother and a CEO, I have learned that a working family actually operates very similarly to a personal family. For example, hitting sales goals and creating new partnerships at work can help me get through other challenges I am facing at home, but in a different environment.  

Moms don’t get breaks, and neither do CEOs – both are 100 percent full-time jobs. Juggling the two is challenging, but there is no formula – I am learning and adjusting every day to find the right balance. Life ebbs and flows, and I have found that my two jobs have a nice balance to each other where I can lean on work if there are challenges at home, and lean on family if there are challenges at work. 

During times when home and work challenges happen simultaneously, I stop and remind myself that I will get through it with positivity. I recognize that I will get past any challenge life throws at me, but having the resolve to hunker down and push through it is what makes or breaks things. Shameless plug but a nice perk of leading Epion Brands is access to our Kori Krill Oil supplement which helps me to take care of myself so that I can also be more physically and mentally resilient when stressful times come around! Good and bad times will always cycle throughout life, but having the time management skills to balance it all is crucial, and that is something I am still working on perfecting every day. 

For anyone else balancing these two roles in life, I would say that creating a strong support system both at home and in the office is necessary. This is part of the reason why I view my colleagues as my extended family. Having people that I trust to help out at both work and home allows me to focus in on one task at a time when things get busy. 

Overall, being a mom and a CEO provides the opportunity for constant self-development, learning new things and testing myself. I find this hugely gratifying even though I may not get it right every time. Even through all the stress, I would never give it up because it is the best way for me to push myself and grow as a person. 

I know I am not alone in this experience, as there are so many inspiring women who also foster talent and collectiveness, inspire people and support their passions both at home, as a mom, and at work. I am still learning from my own experiences and these women every day to become a better mother and CEO.

Nancy is CEO of Epion Brands, the makers of Kori Krill Oil, a multi-benefit Omega-3 supplement sourced from Antarctic krill. She is a veteran marketer who has successfully created brand love across diverse categories including Food, Personal Care, and Beauty for brands like Dove, Knorr, Nexxus Hair Care, and eos. Nancy is a self-proclaimed foodie, skin care junkie, and in her down time attempts to keep up on the tennis court against her two boys. 

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