Chanel’s New Skincare Campaign Promotes Inner Beauty, Confidence & Uniqueness.


The definition of “beauty” should never solely rely just on outward appearances. In fact, physical appearances should be an added bonus to the real, genuine and authentic traits that make a person beautiful. And here’s the kicker, beauty is unique to each person which means just because you don’t look like someone else, does NOT mean you aren’t beautiful.

Well it seems Chanel are on the same wavelength as us these days, three cheers for the french!

German actress Diane Kruger fronts the new campaign for Chanel’s makeup and skincare products called “Where Beauty Begins”. They have gone a lot deeper in presenting an image that is not just based on what you see, but how you feel. The ‘National Treasure’ star and wife of actor Joshua Jackson was announced as the face of their new skincare range on Wednesday, Sept 18, 2013.

Kruger, who narrates and stars in the 1 minute clip says beauty begins by “being simply yourself,” and “not wanting to resemble anyone else.”

“Beauty is mysterious, unexpected, sometimes imperfect, always unique. It’s an inner feeling, it starts with confidence.” she continues toward the end.

We love that there isn’t a huge push on the celebrity aspect of the film, nor the products. But they focus on wanting consumers to feel individually beautiful, without having to live up to some unrealistic standard created by an industry.

The reason for this new direction is due to some carefully thought out scientific research. Clever play by the Parisian luxury brand! They consulted with New York based Dr. Amy Wechsler, who is one of the only board-certified Doctors in the world practicing dermatology and psychiatry. Yep, there is a link between the two and this is what they wanted to show consumers.

Dr. Wechsler talks about the connection between the mind and the skin, and how you feel inside really does affect your outer layers.

“Happier people do have better skin. Positive emotions are reflected on the surface.” she tells Chanel in a new video series about her findings, which you can see on their Youtube channel. One of her expert tips on how to reduce wrinkles? Getting more sleep! Watch her video below to be informed, and rejuvenated by your unique beauty in a new way!

Where does beauty begin? It begins with you, and nothing else is going to change that. Be happy, be unique, be confident and you will find the real source of your beauty.


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