Chelsea Clinton: Hollywood Should Produce Better Role Models For Girls

chelsea Clinton

Chelseas Clinton is the ultimate definition of Girl Power, according to CNN. She spoke with ‘New Day’ Co-host Michaela Pereira about inspiring girls and how important education is to their future.

“We need Hollywood to make more television shows and movies about more sexy female engineers!” Clinton tells a smiling Pereira.

“At the fourth grade level, girls at the same percentage of boys say they are interested in careers such as engineering, astrophysics and math. But by 8th grade that has dropped…I think a few things are happening: they’re not seeing role models, they’re seeing boys who are astronauts, or boys who start [companies like] facebook or google and they’re not seeing girls, and it’s really hard to imagine yourself as something that you can’t see, particularly when you’re a kid.” says Clinton emphatically.

If girls only see other supposed role models and icons grinding on men in music videos, playing the pretty damsel in distress or anything but a significant type of hero, why on earth would they want to be anything different?

The Clinton Foundation is a huge supporter of CNN’s Girl Rising social movement, aimed at education young women and girls, not only in America, but the world over.

Chelsea says this movement is more important than ever for all women to recognize, as it is easier to think of lack of education as a problem that only exists in other countries and doesn’t apply to us.

“In reality we have lots of challenges with girls and women even here.”

Chelsea is a well-educated girls, yes, but she also knows that every girl has a dream, and wants to dream about doing something, whether they have identified that yet or not. In her travels around the world she has encountered so many types of women and girls in her work with the Clinton Foundation, of which she is an official member now at the age of 33.

She counts her mother as one of her biggest inspirations to who she is becoming today. While we may not all have amazing biological mothers as role models, we all as women have people in our lives who can help us in our journey and point us in the right way.

Chelsea says she feels special calling to reach out to women and girls specifically because of the huge influence of her mother Hillary, and grandmother Dorothy Rodham in her life.

“My grandmother, before she passed put a lot of pressure on me to do more. She said we have a responsibility gene, particularly the girls in our family.”

In essence, we all have an in-built responsibility gene its a matter of identifying it and finding out what drives us. What is your passion and how can you change the world by focusing on what drives you?

Do you agree that we need more active female role models to pave the way for the younger generation?



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