Chelsea Handler: “Women Need To Take Care Of Other Women”


Chelsea Handler is known for being a few things: A celebrity, a comedian, a late night talk show host, an author and an all-round ballsy chick! This week was no different for the blonde bombshell go-getter who was a featured speaker at the Makers Conference held on February 10-12 in Los Angeles, which boasted speakers and guests such as Sheryl Sandberg, Gloria Steinem, Jennifer Aniston, PBS Newshour’s Gwen Ifill, Martha Stewart Geena Davis, tween football prodigy Sam Gordon, and many more amazing women AND men.

Chelsea was one of those women in the line-up and the things she had to say about being a woman in the cutthroat male-dominated TV landscape was pretty eye-opening and gave us a whole new respect for this woman.

Marie Claire’s Editor-In-Chief Anne Fulenwider asked her how she fits in in the boys world and Chelsea didn’t hold back. She said half of her staff are women, on purpose, and no other late night show in America can say that about the staff on their show. She talked about how rejection shouldn’t stop you from achieving great things as a woman, because all you need is one “yes”.

“Just keep knocking down walls until one person says yes. No one wanted to give a female a late night talk show, and when I did get it, no one wanted to let me put a little person as my sidekick. They said that’s never been done and you don’t do that. I wanted to know why I couldn’t do it. If I think it’s funny then someone else is going to think it’s funny too. Someone else has to agree with me.”

“And they said no, female late night shows don’t work. I had one person who said they do work. And it was a man. He said it’s going to work and she has a different point of view. I think the most important thing, whatever your profession is, is if you do something really well, people will recognize it.”


The part that was most surprising to us was the revelation that she advocates supporting other women. Not because we think she hates the sisterhood, but doesn’t necessarily make any special mention to it. But now that she has, we are so glad to have one of the leading comedians of our time (male or female) basically admit she is a feminist. Yep, we’re calling her out on it. Coz check it out…

“I think as a woman you have a responsibility to take care of other women. If you’re a girl, you should naturally be predisposed to other women. That’s just the way it is. You should be sharing your experiences with other women. So yeah, I’m looking for the funniest people. And first I’m looking for the funniest women. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman get the same question — ‘what’s it like being a female comedian?’ It’s just like being a comedian.”

Two key things Chelsea says are important for succeeding in life and in your career are to own your mistakes, and get out there and contribute to the world.

“It’s important for people to know that you make mistakes. That we aren’t infallible. We are all embarrassed about certain things that have happened in the past, or people we’ve dated or things we’ve done or said or fights we have been in. I’m not a big proponent of pretending to be something that you’re not. I think it’s much more honorable to see somebody who is flawed. No one is perfect. What’s the point in trying to pretend that you are?”

“Men are partial to men, just like I said women are partial to women. I think the most important thing, and the key ingredient for a woman, is to act like you belong there and believe that you belong there. It’s a hard thing not to sit there and say, ‘Why aren’t we being treated equally?’ But sometimes the argument becomes a moot point. Just fit in. Go with the flow. Contribute, contribute. And sooner or later, they’re going to go, ‘Wow, we need another one of those.'”

Our new fave comedian (male or female)? Chelsea Handler. Our new fave late night talk show host? Hands down Chelsea Handler. How brilliant to see a smart, witty successful woman handling her business and supporting and encouraging other women along the way. You go girl!







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