Chiara de Blasio “Getting Sober Is Always A Positive Thing”


Chiara de Blasio isn’t like most normal 19 year old’s. She goes to college, she loves fashion, loves going to concerts, is a vegetarian, and that’s where any similarity may end. You see, she is the “first daughter” of New York City as her dad, Bill de Blasio was just elected the 109th mayor of the big apple on Wednesday, January 1st 2014. So being a teenage daughter of a public figure puts her in a whole other class: the public kind, where her every move is captured by the press and media.

But this young lady, although not exempt from making mistakes, is not afraid to own her journey and speak up about her struggles in the hope that it will inspire others to do the same. She spoke to Teen Vogue about the next chapter in her and her family’s life and why being an activist is important to her. Right from the start you can see her parents have a huge influence on her, and that will soon translate to New Yorkers.

Chiara has struggled with substance abuse and depression, but rather than hide it, she decided to talk about it publicly to empower others. She took part in the OK To Talk campaign to explain why young people should not keep silent about their struggles.

“It’s part of my temperament to be very straightforward, very blunt, very honest,” she said to Teen Vogue. “My parents always stressed communication as a really important part of any relationship. When I was younger, I didn’t want to tell them everything—I have my teenage secrets—but they taught me that honesty is the best policy in any situation.”

Activism is in her bloodline, as her mother too, along with her father Bill, has been involved in politics and both consider themselves activists.

“Seeing my parents be public servants has definitely given me this drive to help fix the planet,” says de Blasio who is an Environmental Studies major at Santa Clara University in California. “I definitely want to be an activist for all the issues I find righteous.” Some of those issues she is passionate about are women’s rights and homelessness.


Unlike most 19 year-olds, Chiara doesn’t have a twitter account, and doesn’t see the point of social media, apart from creating change in society. “It’s good when it’s utilized well. Obviously a lot of social justice issues have gotten more attention because of social media!”

Also, if the younger generation are looking for a female leader, Chiara de Blasio is one of the standout candidates. Even though she has not had a blemish-free record, she is a perfect representation of what real people go through in their youth and she is willing to own her mistakes and move on. She is also adamant about needing more feminism in the world, and her personal views echo what we believe needs to happen amongst millennial women.

“I think it’s really cool how there’s a new wave of teen feminism,” she said. “Women really need to focus more of their energy on building each other up instead of competing with one another. It’s such a huge problem. And I’ve definitely noticed a lot more people identifying as feminists—a feminist doesn’t have to be any particular kind of person! You can officially count me in on that movement.”

We can clearly see the makings of a future politician, one that will impact her generation in a profound way. Her ability to see how important social justice is rather inspiring.

“As [my dad] says, New York City is a place where everybody should be able to have a chance. I think once we make changes, a lot of places will follow because other cities look to New York as a leader. This could have a huge impact on American society overall if done right.”
In the video below Chiara opens up about her personal journey to sobriety, saying it is always a positive thing, although very hard. Having been diagnosed with clinical depression meant she was forced to talk about it, and used this opportunity to break stigma over adolescents to suffer with the same.

Well done Chiara for willingly being a light for many young women who need help. Your passion for activism and honesty are traits that will build a strong foundation for your future. We are honored that you would share your story publicly, knowing that even if only one person’s life is affected, it was worth it.

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