Children’s Book About Female Adventurers Encourages Kids To Be Courageous & Dream Big

Garmin international, known as being the premier brand making GPS tools and digital resources to enhance life in the outdoors, has embarked on a whole new adventure itself – launching a children’s book! Titled “Women of Adventure: Being Brave in a Big World”, it features six stories collected from the Garmin Women of Adventure series that spotlights strong, fearless, curious, selfless and brave women who have overcome great obstacles, accomplished amazing feats and simply aren’t bound by convention.

Written and illustrated by Garmin associates, the book captures the traits that make each woman unique while touching on the science behind her sport or passion, to encourage readers to explore the world and find ways to be brave every day.

“‘Women of Adventure: Being Brave in a Big World’ brings parents and children together to spark conversations about trying new things, dreaming big and believing in themselves,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin president and CEO.

“As the proud father of a courageous daughter of my own, my wish is that these stories of resilience, perseverance and strength will motivate the kids of today to become women of adventure tomorrow.”

The book introduces the Women of Adventure as they were young girls and explores what influenced them to pursue their passions. Each story includes an Explore page that teaches readers about maps and wayfinding, rocks and geology, heights and flight and more. Kids and parents alike will discover the science behind how things work, the tools required for each adventure, and various facts and figures pertinent to each discipline. 

“Representing a diversity of ages, body types, activities and ethnicities, the book demonstrates inclusivity in the outdoors and teaches kids that no matter what they look like and regardless of experience or expertise, they can do whatever they set their mind to,” said Rebecca Sommers, author and Garmin associate creative director.

“As a mother of three, it was important to me to share these stories of resilient women and exemplary role models who stand up for what they believe in and follow their heart.” 

Parents and children of all ages will be inspired by the resiliency of Patricia Walsh, a 5-time U.S. National Champion and world record holder for the fastest blind and low-vision long-distance triathlon. Kids who dream of flying will dive into the world of wingsuit pilot Steph Davis and learn the physics behind how she BASE jumps safely, and jungle gym enthusiasts will discover the sport of rock climbing with Shelma Jun. The book also explores stories about endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch, paddle boarder Jenny Kalmbach, and trail runner Mirna Valerio.

“I love to share the joy of being outside on a trail with everyone I meet in person or through words and pictures, because I want them to experience that same feeling,” said Valerio.

“After you read this book and learn about our stories and pathways, I hope you are inspired to head outdoors, get some sun on your face and breathe in the joy that nature offers us!”

“I was so excited when Garmin first approached me with the idea of a children’s book,” said Kalmbach.

“I love reading to my son and I could imagine how fun it would be to read him a story of a big adventure I took many years ago. To the children reading this book: Be brave, chase your dreams and may you find your own grand adventures.”

Available now, “Women of Adventure: Being Brave in a Big World” can be purchased on for $14.99. Readers are encouraged to share a photo of a little explorer on social media with #WOAbook. To learn more about the Garmin Women of Adventure initiative, visit