Choosing The Right Sized Mirror For Your Bathroom

Often the bathroom is the smallest room in the house and because of this it is also the room we leave till last to decorate. Another reason for leaving the bathroom till last is that many people do not know what to do with it. We would all like a huge bathroom where we can sit own and stand up without bumping into the other pieces of furniture, but the truth of bathrooms is that they are small, and unless you build an extension, they are going to stay small.

What can we do to make the room look bigger?

There are several things which will give the appearance of a larger space.

  • Minimize things on the surface. This will give the impression of a larger surface. Any bathroom accessories should be put away in a cupboard out of sight. This will give you a large expanse of area which will make the room look bigger.
  • Use more light. Adding extra light in a pale shade such as white or pale hues will make the room appear larger.
  • Have a glass shower unit. The addition of glass will give the impression of a longer room. Combined with white or light walls and open surfaces will make the bathroom seem larger.
  • Remove bath sets. We’ve all seen those bathrooms with matching floor mats and toilet lid covers. To make the room seem larger, get rid of them and go for a single mat instead.
  • Remove stuff around the bath. Shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath all adds up to give a cluttered look to a small bathroom. If these are removed and hidden in a cupboard the surface looks longer.
  • Remove things from the floor. Store the bathroom scale elsewhere along with the laundry hamper. A clear floor space will make your room look bigger.

And on to the mirror

Having the right sized mirror is the one way which is easy to make the bathroom look bigger. What is important is that the mirror is the right size. Too small a mirror will not work, and the room will appear even smaller.

  • Go for large. The larger the mirror, the more the bathroom will appear open.
  • Choose unframed. Having a frame will break up the long lines in the room. A mirror with no frame will seamlessly blend in with the cleaner lines and make the room look longer.
  • Mirror tiles are an option. If you prefer you can buy an adhesive tile. Get the bigger size and stick to one tile.
  • Full walls of mirrors. If you can afford it, an excellent way to make the bathroom look bigger is to have an entire wall of mirrors. In effect you are doubling the area of the room.
  • Think LED. An LED mirror will emit a soft light which will give the room a softer feel while still being spacious. LED mirrors are also splash resistant and in LED bathroom mirror reviews they have become a very popular option.

Before you buy the mirror

Do yourself a favor and walk away from the mirror that is offered at a discount price or a clearance because this may not come with a return option if you really do not like it once you get it home.

Measure the bathroom and stick to those measurements. Don’t be tempted to buy a mirror because you really like it. You may get home to find it is far too small or simply will not fit. Take your time. Work out the size that fits your bathroom and work from there.

What about the size of the mirror?

Measure the area where you want the mirror to be. Also decide if you want one or two mirrors. If you have vanity units on either side of the mirror space, you will want to have the mirror two to four inches away from the vanity unit. If the mirror is closer, it will give a boxed-in look and make the area seem cramped.

Have the mirror start at least six inches above the vanity unit so that there is minimal splash-back from turning on the taps. This is variable as shorter people may need to lower it to see better.

If you choose to have two mirrors because there are two vanity units then make sure that the space between them is the same as the space between the mirror and the vanity unit at both sides. Remember that if the window has a frame, the outer edge should still be within 2-4 inches from the vanity unit so a frame may mean that you have a smaller mirror insert. 

Having a thick frame will also mean that only one person can use the mirror at a time, so you may consider a thinner frame or two smaller mirrors.

Think about windows

If the window is big enough to reflect the window the room will seem larger and it will also increase the amount of natural light coming in.

A tip

Cut a piece of paper to fit the opening or area you want the mirror to be fitted in. Tape it to the wall and then stand back. Make sure that you can see your whole face without stretching or reaching up. If you need to, trim the paper to a size which is comfortable for you to stand and look at.  

To sum it up

Using a mirror to make your bathroom look larger is a cheap and easy fix. With some careful measurements you can make sure that the mirror is large enough for you and your partner to both be able to see a full face. Go for large mirror and small or no frame if possible. One large mirror will be more effective than two smaller ones. With a little bit of thought, you will have a bathroom that appears far larger than it really is.

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