Christina Applegate Lends Her Voice To Aid Breast Cancer Survivors

Christina Applegate

She’s known for her comedic talents and timing, rather than her serious side. But Actress and mother Christina Applegate has certainly had her fair share of not-so-funny moments. In 2008, at the age of 36 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and decided to have a double mastectomy. She spoke publicly about her battle, and the fact that she is a daughter of another cancer victim, her mother!

After her health scare, and at such a young age, it made her change her perspective and want to help other women. Using her celebrity platform, she knew she could influence women to take better care of themselves and not be afraid of a breast cancer diagnosis. She told in 2008 that because of the density of her breasts, a mammogram wasn’t enough. Her doctor recommended she get an MRI.

She also tested positive for the BRCA gene, which Angelina Jolie has talked about with her double mastectomy confession. When Christina realized this was serious, it was then that she decided to go for the mastectomy, instead of a lifetime of tests and radiation which she says could only be temporary.

During this time, Christina started a non-profit called Right Action for Women because she says she knew there were others out there who don’t have access to all the information needed when it comes to breast cancer.

“Right Action for Women is committed to helping women access the information and tests they need to beat this disease and to stay healthy,” Christina writes in a testimonial on the website.

The non-profit is a two-fold attack on breast cancer: early detection and information regarding the types of treatment available, and to raise money to aid people who can’t afford MRI’s, scans, treatments etc. It can be very costly here in America, so for Christina to raise awareness and money is a great thing.

She hopes the online forum will create a community of women who aren’t afraid to talk about the disease to others, as she knows the value in that herself.

“”It was incredibly valuable for me to have people to talk to who understood what I was going through,” says Applegate.

The non-profit has teamed up with jewelery designer Alex Woo and Asics shoes to release exclusive products for Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is October, the proceeds of which will help many women afford the help they need if they have breast cancer.

With the help of medical specialists, Christina and her team have come up with a ‘risk quiz’ on their website where any woman can go through the questions to see if they might be at risk.

This is why we love it when celebrities speak up for a good cause, because they can be a voice for many others out there who are struggling to be heard. Now that she is 41, and healthier because of her own decision, Christina wants to empower other women to be the same.
“Not many people know that [it] happens to women my age or women in their 20s,” she says. “This is my opportunity now to go out and fight as hard as I can for early detection.”
Aside from the Hollywood accolades of Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations, Christina can add Survivor, and Advocate to that list!
Christina Applegate


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