Classic Space-Saving Radiators For Small Rooms

We all deserve to live in a warm, cosy home – no matter if it’s a little on the small side. And the radiators and heaters you choose can significantly impact how your home looks and feels, which is why it’s so important that you find a product to suit you and your space. You can benefit from effective and efficient heating no matter how much space you have, with the range of modern radiators on the market. Whether you need a towel rail radiator, a designer radiator for your living room, or a vertical radiator for your kitchen, there are space-saving solutions for every home. We’ll look at some space-saving radiators that you could choose from below. 

Vertical radiators 

When it comes to space-saving, vertical radiators are one of the best options. These radiators are some of the most popular because of their modern, chic style – and a feature that makes them even better is the fact they come in a range of widths and heights so you can choose a product that suits your wall space, and the aesthetic in your home

If you have a small room, like a bathroom, for example, a tall, thin vertical radiator may be able to fit in the corner of the room without taking up too much space, but still be able to provide the perfect amount of heat to keep you warm and toasty. Not only can you choose the perfect size, but you can also choose a finish and color perfect for your aesthetic

Horizontal radiators 

These radiators are perfect if you have more horizontal space than vertical, and like vertical radiators, you can choose a design that suits your room. If you need your radiator to fit in a specific space like under a window, you can make sure the measurements of your radiator to fit the exact space. This means you can use every inch of the room available to fit a modern radiator so you can warm your home without compromising style or having your radiator look out of place.

You can choose a variety of horizontal radiators depending on your style, whether you’d like to choose a matte finish, or you’re a fan of dazzling chrome – just because they’re space-saving, that doesn’t mean they can’t look stylish. 

Horizontal column radiators 

Another type of horizontal radiator that you could choose is the column radiator. These are some of the most traditional when it comes to style and can look great in both modern and period properties. Cast iron column radiators are some of the most efficient, and like the others, you can choose a color that suits your home’s aesthetic perfectly. And when it comes to size, you don’t have to worry, these radiators come in all widths and heights, so if you’re trying to work out where to hang your radiator in a small room – you can achieve both warmth and save space with these versatile radiators. 

Underfloor heating 

This is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes – not technically a radiator, an underfloor heating system is a great alternative if you don’t have space. Your underfloor heating is installed under the flooring of your home. It heats from the ground up for all-over warmth, and one of the best factors that come with this type of heating is that you can’t see it, so it doesn’t take up any valuable space.

This solution is effective for heating your home and maintaining a minimalist look at the same time – you can use your space for more storage when you need it most.