Clothing Company Casts Women With PhD’s Instead Of Models For New Campaign


Out with big boobs, and in with bigGER brains. This is pretty radical, and it goes to show that the road less traveled, especially when it comes to fashion, is the way ahead.

Traditionally fashion and advertising, especially for women’s apparel and products, focuses on showcasing a women’s body as a marketing tool. There is something inherently wrong with that, because essentially it is marketing a woman’s body as an object.

But what about our inner qualities, such as our brains? Don’t they ever get an honorable mention in fashion? Seems like a dumb question, especially when you can’t physically see what’s inside our brains, how can you market that? If that’s what was holding back the entire history of fashion from taking a different route, don’t worry because a San Francisco based clothing label has solved that problem!


Betabrand just released images of their new women’s Spring Collection, and it is a sight to behold! We see images of the crisp, clean casual business attire modeled by a group of diverse and beautiful women. The difference is, that all of them are women with PhD’s, rather than a modeling portfolio.

Betabrand founder Chris Lindland says, “When you look beyond the ranks of the professionally beautiful, photography becomes a lot more fun.” And that’s what makes this so unique.

“Our designers cooked up a collection of smart fashions for spring, so why not display them on the bodies of women with really big brains?” he went on to say.


The clothes are pretty affordable, ranging from $80- $178.

“Is it an industry first to focus on only the brainiest women? My guess: Yes,” says Chris about the unique campaign.

Chris set up the e-commerce business via crowd-funding, and to this day has customers involved in every stage. Initially, they asked customers to upload photos of themselves wearing clothes and they would use these photos as promotion. This eventually evolved into the idea of using smart women, when one of the customer pictures uploaded was from a female PhD.


He says he’s never seen a women’s line launched by nuclear engineers and neuropsychologists, and neither have we!

They put out a call on their Facebook page and newsletter and got around 60 submissions. The photo shoot was arranged and fashion magic was made.

But they don’t want to stop at this campaign, they want to encourage their customers to continue sending them pictures, which will inspire them in the future.


“Our motto is ‘New Ideas, Non-Stop.’ And this applies to our effort to unveil new product concepts and photo projects each day,” he says, “So it’s a privilege to work with models with far more ideas in their heads than I do.”

So far they have received 17, 000 customer uploads and eventually want to be known as the Flickr of fashion, being completely user-driven.

It sounds like a completely revolutionary idea, but shouldn’t that be normal? Shouldn’t it be the consumer dictating what fashion trends they want to see, rather than an older woman who has had the same bob hair-cut for the last couple of decades who runs a high fashion magazine? Just saying…


If Marks and Spencer in the UK can use real British female role models from a range of different industries to be the faces of an advertising campaign, then perhaps this is going to eventually snowball. Let’s not forget Paris-based American Designer Rick Owens who continually uses the runway at Paris Fashion Week as his stage to showcase diversity amongst women. Bravo!

Betabrand, we are digging your concept and hope this will spark immense change among fashion trends and contribute greatly to the positive way women start to view their bodies, and brains.



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