Why College Women Are More Powerful Than We Give Them Credit For

We’re all about the female empowerment movement. But while most would say females in their adult years are the most empowered age group, there may be a different age group we are not giving enough consideration to. It is college women who have just learned to embrace their freedom, take control of their well being, and learn the tools to fight for the issues that are close to them.

College is a crucial and formative time in everyone’s lives, but especially for women. College can be a crazy place where young people taste independence for the first time. Many of us who attended university can perhaps look fondly look back on our college years.

So why are college women much more powerful than we give them credit for?

They Become Adept At Balancing Social Life With School Expectations

For one, these women experience increasingly tough schoolwork and increased class loads, using custom dissertation writing services, for example. On another hand, they need to try to have some sort of social life, schedule time to visit family, get a part-time job, and figure out how to pay for everything. Not to mention, there are 9 million students nationwide who have joined a sorority or fraternity.

Being in Greek life means:

  • Holding executive positions within your organization (50-150 girls)
  • Encountering stress as you enter into annual sorority recruitment events, fundraisers
  • Organizing everything from sorority apparel needed, house events, and formals to sisterhood events

Balancing the sorority time commitment on top of all schoolwork, jobs, and everything else is a tough job. While the idea of Greek life can carry some negative stigma if you only may attention to certain media representations, being part of a sorority can also be a very empowering experience for women, who making lasting friendships and connections that can carry over into professional careers.

We don’t always realize the power of female friendships in the manner we should, especially at a young age. But, friends (or sisters) are the people to empower and inspire you in college. College, and balancing all of these aspects of daily life, is the first time women get a taste of the real world.

College is The Time When Women Find their Voices

With the high school days behind them, college women are thrust into a world of stress, freedom, a sea of new people, non-familiarity and independence. For most women, this is a crucial time in their lives. It’s when they find their voices, when they establish their freedom, and when they experience a multitude of different emotions and situations.

For those who have graduated college, you can probably look back on your college days and realize just how important those years were for your growth. Most women “find themselves,” meaning they will figure out who they are and what they stand for.

They get to make their own decisions about their lives, bodies, and the ways they spend their time. They even get to choose what types of things they learn and end up defining a worldview of their own away from the traditional parameters and confines of family life. With full access to the Internet, college women are able to take noise coming at them from all directions and process it.

In today’s day and age, what we do with all of the stimuli thrown at us is very important. College women learn to distinguish between the real and the fake on social media and in traditional media. They are also exposed to issues and topics they may not have come face-to-face with before. Issues such as activism, career choices, how to navigate environments were sexual assault is a major concern, and learning how to balance their own desires versus societal pressures.

Growing up, women are typically taught their parent’s beliefs. Without knowing, our parents instill in us their own beliefs and set of guidelines for living. While some of this is undoubtedly great, stances on certain beliefs should be decided by each person.

For example, if you grew up in a conservative family, you probably applied those beliefs in everything you were exposed to: the things your friends talked about, the issues in the media – simply because you didn’t know any differently. College women are now able to make their own decisions about religion, spirituality, and world issues.

They Are Provided With an Education on Real World Issues

They will receive these messages from innovative college professors who want to educate their students about the important issues facing our world today. Unfortunately, most college courses do not provide the necessary information on some of these issues. With numerous activist groups roaming campus at any given time, college women can learn about these real topics.

They also learn through the internet and documentaries. We’re talking about political issues, global warming, health, environmental issues, the list goes on. These are the issues that their children will have to deal with. College women start becoming more aware that they do not live in a bubble. In the US, recent figures found that women hold most of the country’s student debt. This is an issue that is being discussed more and more, especially as women face different barriers to men when they start to enter the workforce.

It should also be noted that women now earn more college undergraduate degrees than men, and black women in particular are the most educated group in the United States.

Today’s college woman is confronted with a keen sense of how to manage both the good and bad that exists in the world. Over the past few years we have seen a major focus on highlighting the epidemic of rape on college campuses across the US, seen in the documentary ‘The Hunting Ground’. It has sparked activist campaigns, often led by college women (remember Emma Sulkowicz – the girl who shared her assault story and carried the mattress she was raped on every day until her graduation to raise awareness about this problem?) and informed new policies on how governments can be part of tackling this.

They Realize Their Vocation

College women discover what they’re passionate about. Hopefully this translates into a career. One of the most important decisions in all of our lives is which occupations we want to pursue. This is no easy feat. How do we know what’s going to fulfill us, challenge us, and excite us for our working years? We can’t know. We can only know what we love to do. This is decided during college.

Future political leaders, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, you name it. These ladies hustle in college so that they can go on to future schooling (if necessary). Some girls get frustrated if they don’t know what they want as a career, but they eventually will find what they’re good at and a coinciding job to match that skill.

Somehow, women figure it out. All of this pivotal growth happens within college. College women are so strong. Leaving everything they know, making lives for themselves, and juggling so many different aspects of life for the first time is something to be so proud of.

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