Committing To An Active Lifestyle In 2020

We all aspire to healthy living every day of the year, but with New Year’s resolutions, there’s always this need to make decisions to live healthier and happier lives. People see it as a chance to reinstate their intentions, start making some positive changes, and hopefully maintain them over the year and beyond. 

However, many tend to lose momentum come February and start allowing demotivation to creep up on them. Frustration follows, and what was supposed to be a new, hopeful beginning becomes yet another reason to feel disappointed and unaccomplished. But that shouldn’t be the case; the secret here is to incorporate some simple steps to start an active lifestyle this year. 

Here are some effective suggestions for an active lifestyle:

  • Find a Workout Routine You Enjoy

Exercising is not negotiable when it comes to living an active life. The important thing is to find a workout that you would enjoy in order to stick to it without feeling like it’s a chore that you can’t wait to get done with. Find a decent gym nearby that’s well-equipped with quality equipment since New Gym Specialists at explain that bad equipment is enough to make you ignore this whole gym idea. Signing up for a membership at a reputable gym will encourage you to commit, as you will be held accountable by your trainers and training buddies, not to mention the membership fees—you don’t want this money to go to waste. 

  • Eat Foods That Boost Your Energy Levels

When it comes to food, we all like to indulge every once in a while. Actually, the sooner you make peace with this fact and accept it, the more likely you are to maintain a good dietary balance. Many nutritionists advice following an 80/20 rule; which means eating “clean” 80% of the time, and enjoying the remaining 20% eating foods that you know you shouldn’t go overboard with. 

Vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables will provide you with the nourishment your body needs to remain active throughout the day. You don’t need to entirely give up on a certain dish that you love because it’s deemed unhealthy; try to make smart swaps to continue eating food you love. If, for example, you’re a pasta lover, use whole-grain pasta and cook that in delicious vegetable-based sauces instead of the store-bought ones that are full of sugars and other harmful ingredients.

  • Walk Whenever Possible

Unless you’re limited by very poor weather conditions, it’s always advised to walk as much as you can, whenever you can. This is not a substitute for working out; walking regularly in the fresh air has many health benefits and can even protect you against serious diseases. If you cannot find the time to go for a proper walk, park your car a little farther than you normally would and get your steps in. Or, take the stairs instead of the elevator for a jolt of activity.

  • Go for a Hike

This is a great way to shake things up a bit with your fitness routine. Hikes are amazing for overall fitness, but especially in building stamina and endurance. Plan a weekend hike with your friends at one of the local hiking tracks; it will be a great outdoor experience that everyone is sure to enjoy. Invest in some quality hiking gear in order to be prepared when the mood strikes.

  • Take Dancing Lessons

Dancing studios are becoming very popular all around the world. What used to be an intimidating space saved for the professional dancers to practice is now available for anyone who is interested in experiencing this magical art. Dancing is great for strength and muscle-toning. It’s a great activity to enjoy with your significant other or alone, getting lost in the rhythm.

  • Go for Morning Swims

Nothing is more refreshing than a morning pool dip right before you head off to work. Join a health club with swimming facilities and make it a habit to go for a swim every morning. This will set the tone of your day and put you in a positive mindset to tackle whatever issues that come your way at work. Swimming has a myriad of benefits; it’s one of the few sports that literally work every single muscle of the body.

Adding healthy habits to your lifestyle will drastically affect all aspects of your life. By taking small steps toward living more actively in 2020, you will manage to turn your life around. Try new activities every now and then and be open to experimenting with your exercise routine. Once you start noticing the amazing results, you will never want to go back.

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