The Company Making Mannequins Molded On Disabled People

Pro Infirmis

Who is perfect? No one. And that’s the slogan for a company who decided to do something thought-provoking and challenge society’s notion of that very word.

An organization supporting the disabled called Pro Infirmis in Germany have created a really cool project using the slogan “Because who is perfect? Get closer” and they have modeled a whole series of mannequins on a group of disabled people. The models include Jasmine Rechsteiner, a Miss Handicap winner who has spine malformations, and Erwin Aljukić, an actor with brittle bone disease.

After the company made the molds, they teamed up with stores in Zurich’s main downtown shopping district street, Bahnhofstrasse, and used the unique mannequins to display clothes in the various outlets. The result, as you’ll see in the video, was quite profound. The process of having the mannequins molded to the subjects’ bodies was quite incredible and they seemed excited and taken aback at this awesome display of diversity.

“Seeing it there for real is quite a shock,” said one of the video participants.

“The campaign has been devised for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities…designed to provoke reflection on the acceptance of people with disabilities.” says Pro Infirmis about the project.

The faces of some of the passers-by was also quite telling, it shows that some people aren’t really interested in seeing diversity, perhaps because they aren’t used to it and it still seems like something “unsightly” or out of place? All we know is that initiatives like this are great for society and really force us to think outside our little bubbles, and ask bigger questions.

Why don’t companies normally use mannequins molded on the bodies of disabled people too? Why wouldn’t people with deformities and disabilities want to see their own body shapes reflected in high fashion and advertising? Why don’t more fashion labels cater to unique body shapes?

The comforting this is there are select groups of individuals and companies who are willing to stand out from the rest. Jag Models are a first-of-its-kind modeling agency in New York who are committed to taking on models of all shapes and sizes, not just size zero. Clothing brands like Debenhams and Marks and Spencer in the UK are going against the grain of their industries and choosing to portray different types of role models in their campaigns to reflect the diversity that exists in real life. Good on them! We love it!

Here’s to diversity becoming a regular part of our society in all aspects.


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