Country Singer Sam Hunt Sheds Light On Domestic Violence In ‘Take Your Time’ Video


Singer Sam Hunt is our new country music hero. In his latest music video ‘Take Your Time’ of his album Montevallo, we see a much different story line than what we’re used to in many popular country artist’s videos.

He chose to focus on the issue of domestic violence. In the video we see a young mother being verbally and physically abused by her partner, and eventually she summons up the courage to leave. Sure this video may have somewhat of a redemptive ending, and hey it is a fictional depiction, but there are many real life scenarios that don’t get resolved in just under 4 minutes, and have a much more grim ending.

Statistics show that a woman is beaten ever 9 seconds in the US alone, and it is the leading cause of violence toward women. More than muggings, car accidents, and raps combined. Everyday in the US more than 3 women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.

Females aged 18 to 24, and 25-34 generally experience the highest rates of intimate partner violence (IPV) around the world, but this issues does affect men also. Nearly 3 in 10 women (29%) and 1 in 10 men (10%) in the US have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by a partner and report a related impact on their functioning.

It is important to acknowledge that it is not just something directed at women, however it is equally important to note that women are disproportionately affected by domestic violence.

For these reasons alone, it is awesome to see a country star speak up about an important issue, especially when country music is arguably one of the biggest genres in one of the biggest music markets in the world.

It may even put him on the map in a big way, rather than allowing him to just blend into the steady stream of musicians coming out of Nashville every year.

In an interview with Fader magazine, who claim him pushing the boundaries of what is “accepted” in the genre is a good thing, Sam doesn’t go into detail about tackling the issue of domestic violence specifically, but talks about how he is being known as the guy who isn’t following the traditional mold when it comes to his music.

“As long as we’re singing about a country lifestyle, and as long as there is truth in the lyrics, storytelling, and the visual images that have always shown up in country—for me that’s what keeps it country,” he said, and that thread of authenticity is definitely what we see in ‘Take Your Time’.


As .Mic points out, standing out in a genre so over-saturated with homogenous messages and stars alike is something that is brewing beneath the surface. There seems to be a generation of country musicians who are adamant that breaking the mold and being different IS in fact what country is all about. Telling the truth in their lyrics and challenging people’s preconceived notions of what “normal” looks like in life.

The truth is, many people experience domestic violence so why not shed some light on it, rather than sing about girls wearing Daisy Dukes and chugging on beer. Newbie country duo Maddie and Tae burst onto the scene in a big way for their track ‘Girl in A Country Song’ where they sang about being tired of seeing the same stereotypical representations of women in country music.

They even sing about country stars from before the days when the country-pop crossover became mainstream, who were the real truth-tellers and didn’t view the objectification of women as something they would ever sing about. That’s where Maddie and Tae are heading, in a direction that empowers women once again beyond their appearance. And we love it!

Now back to Sam. We love that his positioning as somewhat unique is enabling more and more people to listen not only to his music, but really listen to what he has to say. At least if this song is anything to go by, perhaps we will start seeing a return to the country stars of back in the way when authenticity and telling real life stories that resonated with their actual audience meant something.

Bravo Sam for agreeing to shed a light on domestic violence, we hope you continue taking a stand for issues like this and lead by example for other men in the country genre.

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