Courageous Burn Victim Reveals Her Face To The Public For The First Time


Yes we know, this picture is deceiving, but we didn’t want to give anything away too soon, because this is an incredible story you have to hear.

Turia Pitt is an Australian woman who truly exemplifies the term “courage under fire”; literally. The 26 year-old was caught in a raging bushfire while running a marathon in the harsh Australian Outback in September 2011.

Mid-way through the event, Turia and several other runners entered an isolated gorge, to see smoke and brushfire flames rushing toward them. Unable to escape, they took what shelter they could find but Turia was soon engulfed by flames. Turia suffered burns to more than 70% of her body, including her face, neck and arms. She was not expected to survive!

But she did, and has been a warrior woman, sharing her story with the Australian press over the past year. Due to the extent and severity of her burns, she is a candidate for a facial transplant. If she receives one, she will be the first person in Australia to have this type of surgery.

Since her horrific accident, Turia has had to wear a mask covering her entire face, save for the holes around her mouth, nose and eyes, in order to smooth her skin and stretch her muscles. She has never gone without the mask since her accident. But in a show of courage, she decided to un-mask for the very first time on the Australian version of 60 Minutes, to finally show the world what she looks like today.

“I didn’t see my reflection for several months – Mum didn’t think it would be a good idea. I used to be a model but I never thought of myself as vain. Even so, when I finally did see my reflection on my dad’s iPad, I wept. I was annoyed at myself for worrying about my looks, but this new face was going to take a lot of getting used to.”

It has been a hard journey for the young fitness fanatic, but one that has re-shaped her perception of life. Her incredible story has already inspired so many Aussies, and we hope sharing it here will empower more burn victims and women around the world.

“I’m a really determined person… I’m not just going to accept the way things are now and say ‘Oh, this is me, for the rest of my life’. No way,” she tells

Altogether the mining engineer spent months in hospital and had to have all her fingers and a thumb removed on her right hand. After more than 16 surgeries and almost two years wearing a head-to-toe compression suit, she says she can finally remove her face mask. She says although the fire has physically damaged her body, there is one part it couldn’t touch: her soul.

“I think there’s a little piece inside of me which the fire didn’t get to, if that makes sense. Yes it may have taken away my body but there’s still a piece inside of me which is still that independent woman who’s very determined,”‘ she told 60 minutes.

Since her big unveiling  on television, Turia went on to win the Woman Of The Year title at the Cosmo Australia Fun Fearless Female awards for 2013, and published her story in a book titled Everything To Live For.

If you look at yourself in the mirror and hate/dislike yourself because of the way you look, we hope you will watch Turia’s interview and be able to step back and look at your life with greater perspective. Being physically attractive is not what keeps us going, it is not the key to our success and it shouldn’t determine our path in life. There is something of far greater importance within us that we need to cultivate and allow to shine through in our daily lives.

Turia we salute you for your amazing transformation, your inspiring story, your bravery and your willingness not to give power to your fears.


  1. How scarey that would be, to be caught in a fire with no place to go and no way to protect yourself. What makes this woman beautiful is her spirit, the place the fire didn’t touch! The pain she has had to endure would have done most of us in. Bless her and I wish her all the best in the years to come.

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