Creating Your Custom Skincare Routine

Waking up every day to see your skin beautiful and glowing in the mirror is no longer a dream, but something you can achieve through a personalized skincare routine. Contrary to popular belief that some people are genetically predisposed to have beautiful skin, there is very little scientific study supporting this. One thing is certain though, what you do to your skin daily can contribute to its healthy, youthful glow. Since our skin has varying compositions, enzymes, and reactions to treatments and topical applications, it is essential that we create our own skincare routines that work perfectly with our skin types.

Determine Your Skin Type

Before going through the skincare product catalogs, you have to first identify your own skin type. Skin types are generally classified into four general categories:

  • Normal skin – Normal skin or also combination skin is characterized by a smooth, even texture and medium-sized pores, good circulation, and healthy coloration. Oiliness tends to appear in a limited area, particularly on the t-zone of the face (above the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, down to the chin). Dryness usually appears around the cheeks.
  • Oily skin – This skin is characterized by larger pores and a shiny appearance. This skin type has a tendency to be susceptible to blemishes and blackheads.
  • Dry skin – Dry skin is characterized by a feeling of tightness, especially after cleansing or taking a bath. The skin also is prone to fine wrinkles, redness, and flaking.
  • Sensitive skin – A sensitive skin has fine pores, thin and delicate. It can be easily irritated by most synthetic ingredients and will cause allergic reactions such as rashes and blisters.

Select Your Skincare Products

Once you have known your skin type, you can then select skincare products that work best for your skin type and the conditions associated with it. A good recommendation by beauty experts from FHF farmhouse fresh is to choose skincare products that have 100% all-natural ingredients. These products work well with nearly all types of skin, including the sensitive type. This is a good choice if you are overwhelmed with options or if you are not sure which to pick. Going for natural ingredients also ensures that your skin will not be experiencing undesirable side effects, and you get a holistic benefit without having to worry about something that will happen to your skin.

Build Your Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine should be developed in such a way that it encourages the tuning of your skin health and complexion to function at its best. Another purpose of the routine is to determine and work on areas that you wish to improve or change. Regardless of how you apply your personal touch to your routine, all of them basically follow these three general steps:

  • Cleansing – washing your face to remove dirt, dead skin cells, oils, makeup, and other substances.
  • Toning – balancing your skin and applying a healthy layer for better absorption of the other skincare products that will be applied.
  • Moisturizing – involves the hydrating and softening of the skin. It is also a necessary step for preventing moisture loss.

Adjust Your Routine for Day and Night

While the above general steps do apply for any skincare routine, you have various activities in the morning and in the evening that can necessitate the addition of extra steps. For example, your daytime routine can involve long hours of staying outside. Thus, you’ll need to apply sun protection lotion or sunblock with SPF. For your evening routine, you’ll need to prepare your skin for its recovery process. Here, you have to ensure that the nutrients in your skin applications stay for a long time on the skin until the nutrients are properly absorbed. After applying your toner and serum, you can add putting a mask to give your face a boost and improve blood circulation by lying on your back and raising your feet.

Give Your Routine Time

To determine if your developed skincare routine is effective and is in tune with your skin type, you need to take your time observing its effects. No matter how advanced the technology behind the skincare products is, there is no product that can give you instant results. Your skin needs time to process the nutrients that you have regularly applied to it. One important thing you should also remember is that the food you eat or the vitamins you take in can also help speed up and enhance your skin glow or inappropriate diet may also slow down the effects of your skincare products and delay the results. Give your routine at least six weeks to notice a difference in your skin.

Personalizing your skincare routine can ensure that you will be getting the results you desire for your skin. Since you are the one who knows your skin type, your daily activities, and your progress in the routine, you know how you can achieve your skin beautification goal effectively. Just be smart, diligent, and patient with your skincare routine, and you will reap the benefits.

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