Creative Ways To Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones During The Pandemic

Well what a year it has been so far! And although we are already in the month of September, many of us can say that this has been one of the worst years we have witnessed due to COVID-19. One thing 2020 has certainly taught us is the need and the great importance of staying connected with our loved ones. The lockdowns, which forced us to stay indoors to mitigate risk of the virus spreading, meant many of us had to get creative and find new ways to stay close to our loved ones, despite social distancing. 

Humans are social creatures and we crave that closeness from others, especially our loved ones. Thankfully however we are also very creative and that has helped us to come up with ways in which to maintain the emotional connection with our friends and our families. These are just some of the ways in which many of us are looking at staying in touch. 

Video Calls

Video calls have been a real silver lining this year and friends and family members across the globe have been able to stay in contact thanks to video conferencing software. We have seen group chats, quizzes, game nights and even parties taking place across the digital sphere, and this has certainly alleviated the boredom and the social disconnect which so many of us have felt this year. Video calling would never replace being in the same rom as someone, but it is a great plan B when that isn’t possible. 

Creative Gift Buying

Many of us have looked to help put a smile on the faces of our loved ones with some cool and quirky gifts being delivered to their door. You can have local vendors delivering meals or drinks to your loved ones, some have opted for board games and puzzles to arrive in order to keep them occupied or even flowers delivered from Pearsons, directly to the door. Something as simple as sending a bouquet of flowers to a loved one goes a long way in giving them a little bit of happiness and making sure that you stay close. 

Joint Hobbies

This lockdown forced many of us to look to get creative and use the time to learn a new skill or how to do something that we previously couldn’t such as speak a new language. What we have been seeing is that many will look a taking on this type of challenge with their loved ones, and then having a chat each week to discuss their progress. Some people have been learning a new instrument, others have looked to learn languages or how to play chess. There are many skills hobbies and areas of education which people have been learning about during this lockdown and doing it in sync with a loved one is the perfect way for them to stay close. 


We all know the great importance of social distancing and this can be tough when it comes to seeing your loved ones, as you just want to give them a hug. One great way to practice social distancing and to stay close with your loved ones is to prepare a picnic and enjoy some time outdoors together. This is a lovely way in which you can spend your time with one another and a picnic is something that all of us can put together with ease. It doesn’t matter how lavish the spread is that you have put together, as long as you are with your loved ones and you have something to eat and drink, a nice blanket and the fresh air, what a lovely way to spend the afternoon. 

These are just a few ways in which people are staying close to their loved ones during this difficult time. The most important point here is not necessarily how you stay connected to your loved ones, but rather that you take action in order to stay connected. These may be challenging times for us all but the one thing that will get us through it is togetherness, facing the storm together.