Danish Label Releases Female Empowerment “WOMEN FOR WOMEN” Collection

There’s the notion of brands simply adopting feminist slogans and aesthetics to take advantage of the female empowerment uprising we are seeing globally and culturally, and then there are genuine expressions of empowering women through brand messages and actions. When it comes to the latter, it is easy to spot the authenticity because it is embedded into the culture of the brand.

This is certainly the case with Danish label Nynne, which just debuted its new collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Showing digitally as part of this season’s event, the AW21 collection by Nynne Kunde is a celebration of women.

The essence of Nynne was built around the idea of empowering women. Motivated by the joy and excitement of creating a universe where women feel comfortable and glow with confidence. This season NYNNE continues its quest to create a community of extraordinary women lifting one another up; WOMEN FOR WOMEN.

“Nynne has to be for all women. The garments we make have to be wearable but also inspire. I have always admired women who are fighting for what they want and I always look to classic suiting and power dressing as a starting point. For me, it’s about taking strong looks and lightening them,” ​​said Nynne Kunde in a press release.

Looking locally, Kunde chose 9 exceptional women in her native Copenhagen who embody the brand and personally inspire her to be the face of the campaign. Stepping away from traditional models, the NYNNE woman is represented in the new world by:

Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, Camilla Cloëtta Falkenberg and Emma Bitz – Co-founders of Female Invest. This innovative tech start-up’s goal is to close the gender gap by educating women on investing and personal finance. The Forbes 30 under 30 noted women at Female Invest’s helm are not only beautiful but experts in their male-dominated field.

Eva Hougaard Lauridsen – at 87 years old, Eva still explores fashion as her creative outlet. Grandmother to Simone Steenber – the AW21 Nynne collection photographer – Eva has been working with her granddaughter on projects and modelled for her previously.

Fatima Fransson – a Furniture & Production Designer at ART OFFICIAL AGENCY. Her first set design job was for Elle Sweden, leading to creative roles at Eurowoman, Ecco, Georg Jensen and Stine Goya as well as working on Virgil Abloh’s collaboration for Ikea.

Josefine Nielsen & Rose – a model and first-time mother to 5-month-old Rose, Josefine is also a Data Ethics Specialist at Erhvervsstyrelsen. A shining example that women can have it all.

Nanna Kunde ​- as sister to Nynne Kunde, Nanna has been Kunde’s rock and support system since the beginning of Nynne. Kunde admires that Nanna stays true to herself and is selfless in her care for people she surrounds herself with. She is a Marketing professional at Kunde & Co.

Simone Skouby – a Data Analytics Architect at Lundbeck where she creates digital solutions for the global company. She advocates for a more diverse workplace with more women in tech positions overall, leading to a more dynamic and two-sided point of view on IT solutions.

Sofie Flykt – one of Denmark’s most prominent female comedians as well as author of Gender Equality, Better Practiced as Workforce Diversity. Her stand up show ‘Grin Til Gavn / Laugh to Benefit’ toured Copenhagen to great success whilst her podcast ​‘Det Værste Par’ gives a refreshingly honest take on modern life.

We spoke with the Danish Designer after her collection debuted at Copenhagen Fashion week, to learn more about the story behind Women for Women:

How did the idea of Women For Women initially come about? 

NYNNE is built around the idea of empowering all women. The garments we make aim to create a universe where women feel included, comfortable and glow with confidence. The collection; Women for Women is a continuation of our Spring/Summer 2021 collection, continuing its quest to create a community of extraordinary women lifting one another up.

Why is it important for you to uplift women and share their stories? 

In this day and age with social media, it’s easy to feel lost. I would like to give women the opportunity to feel recognized, where they can relate to these women and create a community of women who uplift each other. Everyone is unique in their own way and everyone has a story to tell. It’s important to give people a voice and feel like they have been heard.

Do you think brands moving away from using “traditional” fashion models is going to be a continued trend? 

All women are empowering and deserve recognition. I hope inclusivity is something that will be introduced to all brands. Everyone deserves a chance to shine and share their individuality, perfections and imperfections with the world. Inclusivity and diversity are so important.

How do you incorporate authentic female empowerment in your brand all round?

NYNNE’s brand philosophy lies in the exploration of dressing as a form of power and aims to uplift the everyday wardrobe through glamorous yet pragmatic clothing meant to amplify confidence. NYNNE maintains a truly global sentiment and by encouraging women of every demographic to transcend the endless flow of superfluous and short-term trends with individual stand-out combinations.

You can see the full collection via the website, and get to know the 9 empowering women via Nynne’s Instagram account. Watch the CFW show below: