Demi Lovato “I’ve Been Through It, Survived, And You Can Too”


Demi Lovato is no stranger to dealing with personal struggles. While she has an amazing music and TV career starting on The Disney Channel and now on The X Factor USA singing competition, she has maintained balance and focus in her life despite less-than-awesome things that get thrown her way.

A few years ago she went into rehab to deal with some major issues which are so common in teenage girls and boys, and even young adults. Her bravery speaking up about this shows such maturity and growth, and her voice has helped countless others. Here she is speaking to a crowd in Chicago, where she also attended the treatment center a few years back, about how she got through the tough times in her life and encourages her audience:

Mid-june 2013 came the shocking news of her biological father, Patrick, passing away who also suffered from a mental illness. While Demi had been estranged from her dad for the past 6 years, was quick to speak to the press and break away from any stigma surrounding mentall illnesses, which are so often misunderstood.

“”I’ve dealt with mental illness. My father dealt with mental illness,” she said during an appearance on Good Morning America promoting her new single ‘Made in the USA . “He wasn’t able to function very well in society. My father and I didn’t have the most ideal relationship but at the end of the day, he’s still my dad…it’s difficult. But I’m handling it OK.”

In light of all that she, her family and many many others have been through, she decided to take action and launched a program called ‘The Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program’ which raises money to help people pay for treatment. A lot of rehab facilities and rehab centers cost a lot of money, which many insurance policies don’t cover. It goes to show the lack of understanding and sympathy by these agencies which leaves many people to suffer in silence.

Demi spoke to Robin Roberts about the program saying she will be working in partnership with CAST Recovery, a treatment center Lovato said she had worked closely with in the past.

“I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason” she tells Roberts about her and her father’s struggle with mental illness, which ultimately prompted her to do something about this taboo issue. “I’m going to help one person at a time pay for their treatment.”

What a bright spark Demi is, and we love that there is more to her than just a popstar or a TV personality. We hope her speaking up about this issue will show more and more young women that there is help out there and they don’t have to be afraid of the tough moments in life. They make you stronger.

Demi Lovato


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