Demi Lovato Says Living Your Life Without Standing For Something Is Vanity


Girlfriend ain’t afraid to keep it real! Demi Lovato is not only a successful accomplished musician, but she is fast becoming one of the best role models out there for young women. There is something to be said about someone who isn’t afraid to be open about their past, their vulnerabilities and their mistakes.

Our falls can enable others (as well as ourselves) to learn a great deal and for a celebrity to be vocal about it also goes a long way. We live in an age that is celebrity-obsessed, but used in the right way, celebrity status can be a form of currency for good, than can change someone’s life.

The former Disney star has spoken about her drug addiction, her eating disorder and being in rehab.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood Demi talks about how she was addicted to cocaine and even took it on a plane with her! Ouch! The fact that she is willing to admit that shows a lot of maturity, as well as distance from those past problems.

These days her life revolves around health: a healthy attitude, a healthy lifestyle and healthy, positive messages to her fans. Demi is embracing her role model status and wants her career to stand for something meaningful these days.

“Everything I do, I make sure I stand for it and I carry that into my shows,” says the blue-haired beauty whose motto is “slow and steady wins the race” as she plans on having a long career and takes things day by day. No more partying or getting wasted for this hard-working woman.

Another huge bonus about the “new look” Demi is that she’s all about empowering women!

“I love to be a part of anything that stands for women empowerment. Here we are trying to help women feel confident, beautiful, and radiant in whatever it is they are doing, whatever it is they are doing in their day-to-day life,” she says about her collaboration with Tampax where she takes viewers behind the scenes of her life on tour.


Part of advocating female empowerment as a celebrity means Demi is happy to be called a role model.

“Denying it only made me resent the fact that people were putting boundaries on me. Things I can and cannot do and I think that’s why a lot of people shy away from it rightfully so,” she says in reference to some celebs who choose not to take their elevated platform as seriously as others.

“I knew I was doing a lot of things that weren’t right and weren’t role model-like, until the say that I saw the bigger picture. If you live your whole career just singing and just taking pictures and just living in front of everyone, if you don’t use your voice for good it’s actually a very vain career.”

Demi has recently spoken about body image and how she is comfortable with where she is right now. She also credited Kim Kardashian for changing the way the media looks at body image and calls her a body image revolutionary, whether you like her or not. She’s got a point!

Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson asked her whether she regretted talking about her drug abuse, eating disorder and self-harming so candidly in and interview in 2013, and Demi had a very zen outlook on it.

“There have been moments where I’ve spilled to much about my personal life in interviews and I look back and go ‘gosh I wish I didn’t say that’ but it is what it is, everything happens for a reason…the more it’s out there, the less people are gonna have on me,” she says confidently. And that’s a great way to look at honesty and vulnerability. Why hide it and allow others to make you feel a certain way, when you can have control over your own self-image and put out into the world how you want to be perceived.

See more of what Demi had to reveal about her personal life and what makes her a strong empowered woman below:


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