Designer Uses Disabled Models At Fashion Week Show Because…Diversity!


Moscow Fashion Week in Russia isn’t typically well known as one of the biggest in the fashion world, but after a pretty impressive stunt they pulled at this year’s event, perhaps that is about to change.

There is an exciting movement happening in fashion where designers, creatives and consumers alike are demanding change, diversity and better representation of the real world. Elle Magazine recently put a collection of photos together of brands who changing the game and leading the way in this new trend.

“More and more brands are using real people, candid poses, and interesting stories to sell their products, instead of just a generic image. From Barneys tapping transgender people and their families for their spring look book to Betabrand hiring all Ph.Ds to sport their newest stuff, non-traditional models and unusual ad campaigns are having a moment,” says the magazine.

‘Fashion Without Borders’ was the name of the runway show which saw a group of designers showcasing their designs on models who all had a disability.


Designers Daria Razumihina, Sabina Gorelik, Dmitriy Neu, Masha Sharoeva, Albina Bikbulatova, Oksana Livencova, Miguel Angelo Fernandes Carvalho and Christine Wolf presented a couture collection for people with physical disabilities and achondroplasia.

The initiative, called ‘Models without borders’ is aimed at increasing awareness of disability in the fashion industry and is part of a four-day fashion event in Moscow that features over 30 designers.

An advocate group in the UK called ‘Models of Diversity’ commented on this awesome display of diversity, saying: “It is amazing to see another country follow suit after the use of disabled model Danielle Sheybuk in New York Fashion Week back in February. Of course we don’t want this to be a one off, lets see permanent disabled models, in every aspect of fashion!”


The aim of their organization is to allow disabled models to be embraced, not excluded from the fashion industry, and they are hoping many of the other bigger fashion weeks around the world will take notice and follow suit. So do we!

This is the third time the Fashion Without Borders runway show has happened at Moscow Fashion Week, and each year many designers compete to be part of the showcase which no doubt gets them a hell of a lot more press internationally than any of the regular shows.

The picture at the top of the article features apparel from designer Sabina Gorelik. Below a model in a wheelchair wears a Daria Razumihina design. Check out the video at the bottom of the story. It is an interview with the Fashion Without Borders founder explaining last year about the initiative and how it aims to bring diversity and greater representation for disabled people into mainstream fashion.

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