Do You Have An “Awesome-Shaped” Body Like This?

Don’t worry, it’s not what you are thinking. In fact, it’s something crazy cool! A lady called Molly Alice Hoy, an illustrator and Los Angeles resident recently posted this on her Tumblr, no doubt an homage to being fed up with all the media hype about female body types.

Every magazine you pick up tries to fit you into a ‘body shape’ category and liken you to a particular celeb who may also have that shape. Yeah, coz we are totally going to wear the uber expensive wardrobe items they possess!

Thank you Molly for promoting something positive about the female body! We should all be calling ourselves awesome-shaped.

This cartoon certainly echoes many women’s frustrations about body image and we need to just chill out and accept ourselves for who we are. Agreed?

Molly writes under her post “Take it from me, ladies. You’re all awesome shaped! Trying to get out of a body image funk, while simultaneously practicing perspective…I concede that it’s a lot easier to have a positive body image when you already adhere to most Western beauty standards. I wasn’t trying to be exclusionary — this is a self-portrait, and I happen to be white, and fairly slim.”


Do you consider your body awesome-shaped? Why or why not?


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