Domestic Abuse Awareness Makes Its Way To The Middle East

This advertisement is a huge step in the right direction for women’s rights in the Middle East. This is an area of the world where women are far from being empowered and held as precious beings in society.

In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, in 2009 Saudi Arabia was ranked 131st out of 134 countries when it came to gender parity. Not entirely shocking but still sad.

Well along comes this new campaign by the King Khalid Foundation which aims to bring awareness to domestic abuse for females in the country.

KKF ad

The foundation aims to bring awareness in an effort to start changing the status quo. “Female abuse is a phenomenon found in the dark” says the campaign. This strikes the heart of a culture whose women are “owned” by their husbands, brothers, fathers and men in general. For a foundation to go against the very fiber of the nation is a big step, in the right direction.

We are sure it will be met with disdain from many people, including some women who live in such fear of angering men in their society. And with good reason, as these are women who literally fear for their lives. But if there is an organization willing to take a stand for the women in a socially oppressed country, then we hope this means the start of more women being brave enough to speak up and change their circumstances.

What do you think of this campaign? Will it be trampled on or cause an epidemic of more women speaking out in the middle east?


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