“Don’t Ask For Permission” Empowering Advice From Female Celebs To Young Women


Well awards season has come and gone for another year. There were many highs, there were many lows. One of the biggest things we were excited about this year was the hype around the #AskHerMore campaign which urged red carpet reporters not to ONLY focus on a female celeb’s outfit and appearance, but also ask her some damn questions about the role that got her nominated or at least invited to the ceremony in the first place!

There were some incredibly powerful acceptance speeches on stage which will no doubt go down in history.

At the Golden Globes ‘Jane the Virgin’ star Gina Rodiguez talking about how as a young Latina girl her dad told her to pursue her dreams because she can and she will. On stage she held up her golden statue and said to her dad “I can and I did!”.

At the SAG awards, ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ actress Viola Davis held up her green statue during her acceptance speech and talked about the importance of having lead female characters of a different color. It was something she often dreamed about as a young girl, and now she is a living representation of what she wants her daughter to grow up seeing. Powerful!

And of course from the Oscars, everyone is still talking about ‘Boyhood’ Best Supporting Actress winner Patricia Arquette’s speech where she boldly declared it was high time for wage equality. Preach it, girl!

Meanwhile on the red carpets at each show, there were still plenty of questions about outfit choices, some of which were a little awkward and hesitant, which means AskHerMore is clearly having an impact in the industry, but not without its criticisms.

Sarah Miller at Time.com described the hashtag as “dumb” because it apparently “takes the fun out of a frivolous night”. We think she missed the point. It’s not that red carpet reporters should never ever ask about an actress’s outfit ever again, questions like that should be balanced out with ones about why the star is there in the first place. That doesn’t seem dumb to us.

And just to prove the point, here is a wonderful video from Buzzfeed where they asked women on the red carpet at the Academy Awards what advice they would give to young women. Do these celebrities look pissed off that they didn’t get asked about who they were dressed by? It seems they enjoyed imparting some wisdom to girls who may be watching them and already holding them up on a pedestal.

We don’t care what the critics say, Ask Her More is a vital movement within the entertainment industry and allows a more in-depth look at female celebrities. Check out the inspiring advice from the likes of Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay, Chloe Moretz, Margot Robbie and more:

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