Dove Creates A Winning Campaign That Will Make You Take Notice

We love a good Dove beauty campaign. They have been very prominent in overhauling their beauty campaigns to feature all shapes, sizes and colors of women. You won’t see the standard stick-thin airbrushed marketing campaign anymore.
Remember the ‘Dove Real Women’ campaign?

All of their messages have heart and it’s definitely striking a chord with the majority of women around the world.
Finally we have a major brand willing to lead the charge and change the standards of what we consume on a daily basis when it comes to advertising.

We came across their latest campaign called ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ which was an interesting look into how women view themselves when it comes to how beautiful they are.

If you were asked to describe yourself to a sketch artist what would the picture look like? What kind of a self view do you have?
We would love to sit down with the man or woman behind these amazing campaigns and find out what kind of research they did to change their marketing angle.


This video not only aims to sell their product but really make women and consumers think a little more deeply about why they should buy their products. Dove understands that young and older women everywhere are sick of being touted the type of advertising that is designed to make us anxious and afraid of who we are.

We shouldn’t be buying products in an effort to change ourselves, but to enhance the God-given beauty we were born with and that is unique to us.

In the documentary ‘Miss Representation‘ all about how women are portrayed in the media, journalist Lisa Ling makes the startling comment “As a culture, women are brought up to be fundamentally insecure.”

News anchor and talk show host Katie Couric says “The media can be an instrument of change, it can awaken people and change minds.”

What do you think of this video? Why do you think women have such a low image of themselves, especially as they get older? Is media, marketing and fashion to blame?

When we see ads like this video from Fit n Light yoghurt in Brazil making fun of bigger women, showing consumers it is acceptable to poke fun at women other than a size zero, it is no wonder we are so confused as women.

What do you think it will take to make industries like the media, fashion and advertizing promote acceptance and positivity when it comes to women? Why do they think pitting different types of women against each other is the right thing to do?

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