Dove Makes A Short Film Showing New Perspective On Teen Girls & “Selfies”


Dove wants to inspire all women to redefine beauty. That has been their overarching message for the past 10 years with their viral campaign hits such as “Real Beauty Sketches” which has become the most watched piece of advertising on Youtube EVER!

They have essentially created a movement which is leading the way for body positivity in the 21st century, and combating all the negative types of images and advertising we have been subjected to for so long.

Their push for consumers to see Real Women in the beauty products they buy is intentional, because they want mothers to feel confident enough to teach their young daughters where real beauty comes from, from a young age. They provide resources on their website and data for any woman to be able to tackle this tough issue.

Well now they have done it again with something pretty damn cool. They just released an 8 minute short film, which was launched at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, called ‘Selfie’. It alludes to a generation of teen girls who are obsessed with taking pics of themselves. So Dove thought, what if we turn it around and use a selfie as a way to show new perspective on beauty? They targeted girls and their moms.


The film, directed by Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Cynthia Wade, asks girls what they are most insecure about. When the mothers are asked the same question, most of the daughters are shocked to hear how insecure their own moms are.

It was shot at a high school in Massachusetts, and the film shows the huge differences between mothers and daughters when it comes to messages from the media about beauty. Some of the girls are so intelligent and can easily see how harmful these very narrow definitions of beauty are, more so than some of the moms.

The high school girls take part in a photography workshops where they are encouraged to talk openly about their insecurities, take “selfies” of themselves and use them in an exhibition for their whole school to see.

Some of the girls who thought their unique features were what made them stand out or “ugly” became the very thing that others liked about them. Students were encouraged to stick post-it notes on the pictures in exhibition stating what they liked about each girl in the picture. The result is a fascinating and subversive insight into the beloved selfie.


What is usually seen as a form of narcissism and a breeding ground for self-loathing, now becomes a way to celebrate beauty in each person in a unique way. Well done Dove!

We think it is important and very clever to do what Dove has done. Instead of trying to bring down the advertising industry, they are combating it in healthy ways, using tools that will empower girls to go about their daily lives, taking selfies at school, but not feel depressed about how they look. It’s so great that a company like this encourages individuality when it comes to beauty.

Beauty is by no means uniform. But when an entire industry is dedicated to making money off selling a certain type of image or definition, then there are going to be millions of women who do not fit the “mold” and it becomes a cycle of self-loathing and false advertising.

However, to see a massive brand do something different to the rest is refreshing, and exciting, especially seeing how big this “real women” movement has grown and influenced so many other labels, brands and organizations.

Head over to the Dove website for more stories, resources, videos and advice on how to be a woman who pursues real beauty.


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