Dove Wants To Know, What Do You Love About Your Body?


If Dove campaigns weren’t around to challenge the way the beauty industry forces their unrealistic standards upon us, who would we turn to? Would other brands take up the charge? Would ordinary everyday women start websites, like ours, and spread the important positive messages that need to break through all the superficial crap? We hope the answer to these questions is “yes” and in the meantime we are glad Dove care about their consumers instead of treating them as a number on a financial score card.

Their latest video, as part of the ‘Real Beauty’ campaign asks women this question: “What do you love about your body?”

The startled and stumped look on some of the faces of the women in the video shows how as a gender we aren’t too well-versed in giving ourselves compliments. In fact, we are taught growing up, probably as a result of parents who lived in a completely different socio-economic generation, that we must be modest, humble and not appear to be egotistical. This has worked to our detriment, as the fashion, advertising and beauty industries have had a field day taking advantage of our vulnerabilities.


Since when did it become acceptable to use your wallet to improve your inner beauty or self-esteem? How do money and material possessions enable us to live our fullest potential and alleviate all our life issues? The truth is, they don’t. And it is about time a company changed the conversation when it comes to women’s self-esteem and body image.

In the video, after seeing the women hem and haww when asked what their best feature is, they turn it around and ask them to point out the best feature in their friends. All of a sudden every person can rattle off a list of amazing attributes which they weren’t able to about themselves. Dove asks “If we can see beauty in others, why can’t we see it in ourselves?”

Watch the video below as a though-provoking reminder that you are unequivocally beautiful and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that! And if you are still pondering where we all went wrong, watch the second video by Dove at the bottom, released in 2007, which gives a pretty accurate reason as to why girls develop low self-esteem from such a young age.

Ok Beauty brands, you’ve made your millions and billions at the expense of our sanity and confidence, now let’s try to do something better and treat women like the human beings we are!


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