Effective Hacks To Help New Parents Get More Sleep

It is not uncommon for new parents to have trouble sleeping. Between the lack of sleep from taking care of a newborn and the stress that comes with being a new parent, it’s no wonder why some people are having problems sleeping. There are many effective hacks out there to help you get your beauty rest at night without giving up on your child or yourself.

Put the baby in their crib when they are drowsy but not asleep

One of the things that you can do to be able to catch up on your sleep is to make sure that your baby will also sleep through the night. In this case, put your baby in their crib when they are drowsy, but not asleep. You may have to do this multiple times throughout the night at first, however, it will soon pay off as your baby learns how to sleep through the night on their own.

If your little one seems uncomfortable in their crib, try using a bassinet. In this case, you can consider some rental options for Snoo Smart Sleep Bassinet, which is proven to make newborns comfortable enough to sleep through the night. For some new parents, this can be pricey though, which is why renting out a bassinet will prove to be a great option. Come to think of it, your baby will outgrow the bassinet within just a couple of months.

Do not feed them before you hit the sack

Another thing that can affect your level of tiredness is if you feed your baby right before bed. If you are breastfeeding, it would be best to avoid feeding them for an hour or so before heading off to sleep yourself. This way the milk will have enough time to digest and this can help both of you get a better night’s rest. If your little one is bottle-fed, make sure that you feed them right before the sun goes down. This is because feeding your baby late at night can lead to them waking up in the middle of the night for more food.

Be aware of their sleep schedule and habits

One way to get your baby on a good sleeping cycle is by following their natural patterns when it comes to bedtime, feeding time, or playtime. For instance, if you notice that they are tired during certain times of day, then it would be best to put them down to sleep so that they can get the relaxation that they need. However, you have to make sure that their naps are not too long. It would be best if your little one’s sleep schedule does not exceed a total of three hours each time they nap during the day, as this will interfere with their sleep at night.

Get out of the house and take a walk outside

In case you are looking for some fresh air, then try going out with your baby to get that much-needed vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Getting into an early morning routine of taking a walk or jog every day will help both you and your baby get into a good sleeping pattern at night. Just make sure that you do not wear them out too much and keep your walks within the vicinity of your home, so they will be able to fall asleep as soon as you put them down in their cribs once back inside.

Use white noise like a fan or humidifier 

To mask outside noises that might wake up your baby, it would be best to use white noise. In this case, you can place a fan or humidifier inside their room so that the sound of it will help them sleep through the night. Just make sure not to leave anything electrical on overnight, as this could lead to fire hazards and other dangers in your home while you are sleeping.

The best way to put your baby to sleep is in a dark room. Place the crib at the foot of your bed, so you can see and hear them better, have designated times for feeding, rocking, and soothing their child. Make sure they are not too hot or too cold by keeping lights on dimmer switches low levels during naps and nighttime hours. Use white noise like a fan or humidifier if there are outside noises that might wake up your child. These tips should help get your little one sleeping through the night much sooner, which means that you get to sleep through the night as well.

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