Efforts Being Made By The Beauty Industry To Save Our Planet

Turn on the TV, read the news, or simply subscribe to a news or current affairs blog and you’ll realize that we are slowly approaching a crisis. The way we treat mother earth and abuse its resources is slowly starting to backfire, and in more ways than one. Plastic waves in the oceans, global warming, and smog so thick you can cut it with a knife. The good thing is that we are slowly becoming aware of the problem relating to climate change and are taking strides to try and reverse the damage.

One of the industries that is making efforts to save our planet and have started being eco-friendly is the beauty industry. Noticeable efforts are made to show love to our planet without affecting the quality of the products. Your everyday consumer is slowly embracing these environmentally friendly products and has made them more popular over the years. 

How the Beauty Industry Is Making an Effort to Save the Planet:  


People who support the environment usually use reusable bags when they’re buying groceries. Many brands in the beauty industry are adopting this direction and have started creating new packaging ideas that are either recyclable or produce zero waste. Some companies are now providing zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars. These skips the harmful chemicals and wasteful plastic bottles and have a mixture of natural ingredients, and they are small, easy-to-use, and waste-free. You can click here to read more about the ingredients and how the harmful chemicals can have a negative impact on the environment and your hair as well. Other companies are using reusable bottles, and they’re encouraging people to recycle their beauty product bottles instead of throwing them away. What these companies are looking to achieve is reducing plastic waste.

Organic Ingredients 

The cosmetics we use everyday contain a lot of chemicals and toxins that harm not only the environment but also our skin. Factories producing these harsh chemicals are disposing an awful lot of pollutants. However, today, many beauty companies are creating new organic products that don’t include any toxins or harmful chemicals. Organic ingredients are much safer for our everyday use, for the environment, and for the workers who are making these products.

Renewable Energy 

Beauty companies are applying innovative approaches that contribute to a healthy environment. One of these approaches is an eco-friendly manufacturing process. They have started using renewable energy sources for their factories, such as wind-powered energy and solar panels. Using renewable energy sources means that these factories will no longer pollute the air to make our cosmetics and will produce a product that serves the purpose without having negative effects. 

Banning Microscopic Plastic 

Microplastics are one of the numerous dangerous materials that harm our environment and the food chain. Microplastics are so tiny to the extent that we may not even notice them, and they are present in many products. You can find them in glittery make-up or sunscreen. These small tiny glittery parts are made of a kind of plastic that doesn’t biodegrade and can end up in the ocean for decades. Because they are extremely harmful, the beauty industry banned the production of microscopic plastic and replaced it with other biodegradable materials.

Water Use 

Studies found that we may face a water problem in the future as the consumption for a person per day is around 142 liters. Cosmetics companies are now making efforts to create products and ways that allow their customers to use less water; they are creating cleansers and soaps that don’t require a lot of water consumption, which can help us avoid a huge problem in the future. We could save up to six gallons a day by cutting three minutes from our shower time. 

Other Alternatives 

The beauty industry is indeed making a difference when it comes to positively impact our environment. But customers should play their part. Known brands are now recommending a lot of ways for their clients about how to recycle and reuse beauty products. For example, several brands are now supporting the use of a cleansing cloth instead of the single-use cotton and wipes, which will help reduce the resulting waste.

Beauty products can take a toll on our planet by polluting the air, water, and cutting down trees. That’s why more and more companies have now become aware of that fact and have started taking steps towards fixing these issues. In the near future, we should see more brands joining the trend and transforming the shape of this industry.  Although it might seem like slow progress, it’s already making a difference, and it’s also encouraging many other industries to go green with their products and manufacturing processes.

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