Ellie Goulding Says “You Should Never Change For Anyone”


Ellie Goulding is certainly a girl on fire right now and we have no doubt her flame is going to continue burning bright for a while. The blonde British beauty graces the cover of UK’s January issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine where she discusses everything from her music success, to famous boyfriends, dealing with panic attacks and her thoughts on being a role model.

“I went through a time of being quite insecure. I’d convinced myself I was fat; I didn’t like my figure and I had a big nose. Now I’ve finally got to a place where I don’t focus on those things. I feel like I’m not changing for anyone; I’m doing it all for myself. Because there’s no one else to do it for.”

There’s some great advice in there for all you girls thinking you need to reach perfection before you attain happiness or success. Take it from the uber successful Ellie, it ain’t about perfection, its about learning to love and honor thyself.

Being in a cut throat industry like music which can wreak havoc on the self esteem of a young girl, she has seen her fair share of this but refuses to give up who she is just to make a record label happy, or a man, happy.

“You should never change for anyone. And I say that because I’ve done it before; I’ve changed for a man… I was so, so in love with him that I’d have done anything. I look back now and think, ‘What an idiot!’ You only realize when you’re out of it how someone can have a hold over you. He treated me horrendously and I just didn’t help myself.”

Ellie was previously in a relationship with famous UK BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James, and says the relationship was quite the eye opener for her.

“I wrote Anything Can Happen because I’d been in a relationship with Greg for two years, who I absolutely adored and still do. Then that ended very unexpectedly and it threw me off. I didn’t expect another relationship for a long time after that. Then all of a sudden I met this other person [dubstep producer Skrillex], and it was crazy – it came from nowhere.”


As for being an inspiration to many young girls, she says she has only accepted this role after she learned to accept herself, warts and all.

“My confidence has grown in the past year, as a woman… I feel strong in more ways than one at the moment… I feel very independent and feminist right now – I think maybe it’s being single. I never thought about the idea of being an inspiration. I’m not perfect; I’m not a supermodel – I drink and smoke (which I’m not proud of) and do normal things.”

Ellie talks about who her inspirations are, and counts some superstars amongst her closest friends.

“There are several girls I’m really close to and we are mental. Rita [Ora] I adore. She’s got a really good outlook on life – she’s really positive, hard-working and funny. Me and Taylor [Swift] are similar in that we write about relationships, and we joke about that. She’s an inspiration to me because she reinstated how honest you can be about a boy in your music. I thought maybe I should stop being so explicit at one point, then I slapped myself out of that: I’m always going to write about people.”

Thank you for being honest and vulnerable Ellie. Your amazing spirit shines through in your music, and for that you are a role model showing girls the best way to navigate through life is holding on to who you are at your core, and not changing just to please others.


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