Emma Thompson: “Never Let Yourself Be Defined By How You Look”


Just because awards season has come to a close for another year, doesn’t mean we can’t continue to celebrate the messages and successes of industry folk who are making a difference.

Let’s take, for example, British actress Emma Thompson. She did an interview with the BAFTA Guru and talked about acting from her unique perspective. She had some pretty rad things to say, including divulging that she started out as a theater actress and didn’t get into film until she was 27. She doesn’t consider herself an “overnight success” but worked hard, and continues to, to get where she is today.

It’s interesting to note that she describes the acting profession as a very odd magic trick. “You’ve got to trick your psyche into thinking that it’s someone else.”

When asked what advice she would give to aspiring actors, she gives some pretty rad advice directed at young women.

“Never let yourself be defined by how you look.” she says which kinda goes hand in hand about her comment of acting being a magician’s trick. It’s not that you have to actually change yourself, but use the skills you have into allowing the audience to think you are that character with means other than just physical appearance.


“If people go on and on about how you look you have to challenge it. You can’t just take it in, you have to put up a barrier.”

“You have to exist as a person and a character and a brain. It’s particularly bad for girls at the moment because they’re required to be models as well and actors.”

“If someone says you have to be thinner then you have to challenge them by saying ‘why?'”

It seems the Saving Mr. Banks star has hit the nail on the head, and there is nothing like some great advice and wisdom from a woman who has not only seen every type of trend throughout her career, but managed to “survive” them all and maintain her unique sense of self in the midst of a very precarious industry.

Check out the full video below and if you are one of those girls who aspires to be an actress, take it from a pro. You were made different for a reason and there is no one who should be able to convince you otherwise.

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