TEP Celebrates An Emmy Nomination & Female Empowerment In Charlotte!

TEP in Charlotte

Hola blogosphere!  The Empowerment Gals have made it to Charlotte, NC.  Our favorite quote when rolling into this new city (Fun Fact:  no one in the group has been to Charlotte!) was “We’re in Charlotte… and we DROVE here!”

After what was our longest driving stretch yet (16 hours!), we were so glad to settle in at our AMAZING home for the next three days.  Our generous hosts, Jim and James, sponsored our stay by allowing us free run of one of their gorgeous Charlotte apartments.  We cannot begin to thank these gentlemen enough for their kindness and generosity.

Charlotte was always set out to be a special spot, as we would be interviewing Molly Barker, the founder of non-profit Girls on the Run.  Sarah and Dana had already produced a documentary, “Growing Up Strong: Girls on the Run”, so it meant so much for them to be able to finally put a face to the name Molly Barker.  Oh and did I mention, Sarah and Dana were just nominated for AN EMMY for that very documentary?!  Congratulations to Sarah and Dana – two hard working, talented girls who couldn’t have deserved this nomination more.  Big time heartsies!

Ok, back to Charlotte…Our interview with Molly took place at Michelle, her Director of Operations, house.  I only bring this up because a) the house was SUPER cute and b) Michelle was so inspiring and such a big part of our day with Molly.  This amazing woman was a part of the very first curriculum of girls on the run and had so much to share with our crew.  Her wisdom, inspiration, and positive attitude put the pep back in our step – much needed after that long drive.

Molly Barker Girls on the Run

As we sat down with Molly, you could immediately feel her warmth.  Genuinely interested in all of our individual stories, she kept an easy flowing conversation and made us feel like we were the superstars of the day!  As we readied the room, it was an absolute joy and privilege to hear the perspective and advice that both she and Michelle had to share. True female empowerment.

As Molly took the hot seat, we all gathered around with eager ears.  We were anything but disappointed.  This eloquent woman opened up about not only her success, but also the strife that led her there – a quality that I find very admirable.  It’s hard to look up to someone if they’ve had a “perfect life” in their words, but Molly’s honesty immediately allowed us in to her world.

She talked about her first curriculum of “Girls on the Run” and how it started off with 13 girls… as of 2013, they have now serviced over half a million women!  It’s crazy to think that something that in hindsight seemed so small turned into something that within her lifetime will change the lives of millions.

Molly led us on a heartfelt journey down the path that has taken her to the current moment.  There was not a dry eye in the house as she told the story of a little girl that had chosen to be silent as a result of years of abuse.  Molly encouraged her to run and as the little girl ran, she watched her get lighter.  She was hoping that on the last day the girl would say something before leaving… she remained silent.

Molly Barker Girls on the Run

At the awards ceremony held at the end of the curriculum, she awarded this young lady with the “Grand Communicator Award,” for communicating in ways adults had forgotten.  The little girl handed Molly a note as she received her award and after she read the note, she kindly passed it back and asked the little girl to read it.  She hesitated for a moment and then began to speak the following:

“Dear Molly,

The word I wanted to say yesterday at Girls on the Run was LOVE.



It was at this very moment, as tears streamed down my face, that it dawned on me that we are at the exact same place Molly was in 17 years ago.  Right now our documentary seems huge to us and is starting to make its way to the ears and eyes of others.  With this project, we were given the opportunity to start a movement and a movement is EXACTLY what we have started.  Our team of five women has the chance to change lives and make a real difference in the world.  What an amazing gift we have been given and what a gift we will continue to give!

As we wrapped up our time with Molly at the park, in her element, interacting with a group of young ladies that are a part of Girls on the Run Charlotte, I felt so grateful not only for the day, but for the opportunity that is being given to girls in the next generation… an opportunity that we hope to expand by making this project.

Thank you Molly Barker – for inspiring us to dream bigger, for being a role model to our team, and for reminding us that we truly have the power to change the world!

TEP Girls on the Run TEP Girls On the Run

Hey Guys! Sarah here — see that old school picture below? Well if you can believe it that’s me on the right side, around age 12 proudly standing beside my Dad, Harvey Moshman who won an Emmy that night. My Dad has won 26 Emmys in his epic television career and the beautiful golden awards have been around since I was a kid. They inspired me in my bedroom, they were ornaments on the Christmas tree when they broke into pieces, and they watched over me in my living room, a symbol of excellence and hard work.

Harvey Moshman

The image of an Emmy has been posted in my apartment and on my vision boards for years knowing that someday that dream will become a reality and I will join the likes of hard working people like my Dad and be recognized and validated. That dream has come sooner than I would have expected – Dana and I are nominated for an EMMY for our short documentary “Growing up Strong: Girls on the Run” which aired on WTTW in Chicago in late March!!!

There were 13 potential nominees in the Human Interest category of the Chicago Midwest Emmys and we made it to the top 5 nominees! When Dana and I found out we were driving in the middle of nowhere Tennessee on the way to Charlotte to interview Molly Barker, the founder of Girls on the Run ironically enough! I told Dana in the car and we screamed at the top of our lungs and pulled over to freak out, hug and cry. I called my Dad on speaker and he confirmed that his daughter has in fact become an Emmy nominee.

I had a facetime session with Ryan, my husband and we both cried of happiness and pride. Such a surreal moment and I hope I have many more like it in my lifetime. Even though the initial shock has faded, the honor is not lost on me and this is truly a life-changing moment for me. November 3rd, 2013 is the ceremony in Chicago so now on to the next challenge – finding a dress! Moral of the story – say your dreams out loud, work hard, and maybe the universe is listening just hard enough to make your dreams come true. 🙂

If you want to watch our Emmy nominated documentary you can watch it here:



  1. cheryldelp says:

    Wow, congrats again on your Emmy nomination, Sarah and Dana. I feel so honored to have met and gotten to know (a little bit) about each of you. Of course, Ashley, being our grand daughter, I feel I know her a bit better!! I knew you ladies had “jutspa” before I met you, but you all just blew me away with your easy manners, wit, charm and smarts! I know we got to see the fun stuff in the pictures and blogs, but you all worked your butts off to make this come alive! I’ll be shocked if you aren’t nominated and win another Emmy with this Empowerment Project too. Good luck on Nov. 3rd!

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