Enough With The “Bad Driver” Jokes, Statistics Show Women Are Safer Drivers Than Men


When it comes to driving, many people end up getting into arguments regarding which gender is the safer driver. It turns out that female drivers are statistically safer than male drivers. While all drivers should practice caution while behind the wheel and be as responsible as possible because accidents can be fatal, there are reasons why females are safer, and some of those reasons are listed below.

Men are more likely to engage in what would be considered risky driving behaviour when they get behind the wheel. When compared to women, men are also more likely to not use safety precautions that are actually quite simple and straightforward, such as not driving after consuming alcohol, not speeding, and always wearing a seat belt.

This is not just a few random studies, this is a well-documented problem that insurance agencies are well aware of, because they use this data to set rates and policies based on the trends.

Also, the crashes that do involve male drivers are, quite often, more severe when compared with those that only involve female drivers, even though women are more likely to be hurt or killed in a crash. This is why it is so important for male drivers to take their driving theory test seriously. If you are in the UK, a site like Toptests.co.uk can help you prepare for the test while learning about how to be a safe driver.


It should also be noted that, on a whole, men drive many more miles than women do. This, in turn, simply increases the odds that more men will end up in an accident, and the statistics will end up showing that female drivers are safer, even though they do not necessarily share equal amounts of time on the road with men. In fact, based upon miles driven, men are at a 77% higher risk of dying in a motor vehicle accident compared to women.

Young Injury Law also states that male pedestrians are more likely to be hit by a car, but one consolation to this bad news for men is that they are also statistically more likely to know about cars and how to handle them. Which means the onus is on them to become better drivers on the road, not just car experts.

In the UK, Privilege Insurance conducted a survey as well as on-road assessments of male and female drivers in 2015, and found that the women scored better not just while being observed, but also while anonymously being watched by the survey team.

“I was quite surprised by the results, because in my experience men have always been the best learners and usually performed better in lessons. However, it’s possible that women have retained the information better. What this report shows is that men need to give their female counterparts their due when it comes to driving. The facts don’t lie,” said Neil Beeson, a driving instructor who helped in the experiment.


To put things in perspective, researchers analyzed driving trends between men and women from 1975 all the way through to 2014. For each year in this time period, the number of car accident fatalities that involved men was more than double the number of accident deaths involving women. However, it should be noted that the gap is narrowing because male deaths fell by 29%, while female deaths also fell by 20%.

On top of that, the deaths among both female and male passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians went down between 1975 and 2014 on a whole, although deaths of both female and male pedestrians actually more recently went up.

And when it comes to riding a motorcycle rather than driving a car, the number of deaths involving motorcyclists have actually more than doubled among men since 1997, although there has also been a higher number of deaths among female and male motorcyclists since 1975.

As you can see, there are several reasons why the stereotype about female drivers being worse drivers than men should be shattered. Statistically, females who head out onto the open road are safer, so men should definitely take note and follow their example so that the roads can be safer for everyone.



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