Entrepreneur Who Battled An Eating Disorder Launches Jewelry Line With A Mission To Empower & Transform Lives

Secret Keepers founder Emily Joy Rosen

Secret Keepers is a new, woman-owned and run jewelry company recently launched by Emily Joy Rosen on Kickstarter. Within 24 hours, they reached their funding goal and are setting up to launch their full ecommerce website. 

One of the things that makes Secret Keepers so unique is it’s message of bringing together art and personal development. Each necklace and bracelet is linked to a specific message of healing. Every customer is invited to be part of a free online community offering daily inspiration and complementary resources that focus on healing and personal growth. 

Emily Joy Rosen is the founder of Secret Keepers and also the CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She employs a team that is 90 percent made up of women who have overcome their own challenges to become trained coaches to help run and operate Secret Keepers, as well as the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. It was her decade-long journey with an eating disorder and other life changing challenges that inspired her to pursue a career where she could help others. 

Secret Keepers all gold symbols set

When it comes to Secret Keepers, she has a personal reason for creating a jewelry company. 

As Emily says: “For years, whenever I experienced an important event or transition in my life, I’d go buy myself a piece of jewelry. The harder times, the happier ones, the milestone moments… whenever anything had profound impact or marked a change I was looking to make, I would go get myself a necklace or bracelet, something I could wear and see daily that reminded me of the good and the light. It has been a truly special ritual that has made a sincere difference for me and I wanted to share it with others… hence Secret Keepers jewelry, jewelry I have done my best to infuse with meaning.”

Emily also started gifting friends with jewelry pieces she handmade. When a close friend of hers experienced a heart shattering break up, Emily made her a heart necklace. To her surprise, her friend wore the piece everyday for over a year to symbolize that period of growth in her life. 

Secret Keepers hand jewelry pieces

Customers of Secret Keepers have purchased necklaces and bracelets to serve as reminders of just how much they have overcome, whether it be leaving an unhealthy relationship, recovering from addiction, losing a loved one, or facing a fear. 

Why the name ‘Secret Keepers’? 

Emily has talked about how secrets can keep us feeling lonely and isolated, paralyzed by our past, and stuck in shame. There’s freedom when we start owning our stories, even our most difficult and painful experiences. This is how we can begin to take charge of our life and write our very own courageous new ending.

To honor this practice, Emily picked the name Secret Keepers. She turned to poetry as a way to release her own pent up secrets. She has written hundreds of poems over the years which have been shared by millions online, reflecting the resonance and connection many have experienced with the message of releasing what was once a secret and shrouded in shame.

Secret Keepers ‘Find The Light’

Emily found that the two main reasons people do not seek help is because they are either ashamed of their struggles or they don’t believe healing is possible for them. So by sharing herself in this way, she is endeavoring to remove the stigma around so many of the challenges we face day-to-day. 

Choosing a Secret Keepers jewelry piece for yourself is meant to be a powerful way to honor your journey and a tender act of self love. And giving a piece to someone else is a beautiful way to let them know you see the strength in their heart and a way to extend care in an exquisitely meaningful way.

Emily Joy Rosen with Full Gold Sets

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