Equal Rights For Women Is UNCONSTITUTIONAL In America. WTF?!?!


There are many theories as to why women in America, and around the rest of the world, still haven’t reached equal gender status with men in 2013. Perhaps it is the fact that we don’t ask enough when it comes to equal salaries? Perhaps we are too bitchy and catty and destroy ourselves within our own ranks? Perhaps when some of us do get to the top we don’t help each other out? Well have you ever thought it could be something that is at government level?

Actress, writer, director and producer Kamala Lopez is shooting a new documentary called ‘Equal means Equal’ which goes deeper into why women in America are yet to see equality on all fronts. She interviews a range of women and girls from high school students to congresswoman, and has discovered an issue that gets NO media coverage, and the majority of us probably don’t even know about!

According to Kamala’s film, women are considered cheap labor, and at the end of their working life, in comparison to men, will have lost out on $400,000 in wages simply because of a greater issue. Are they kidding?!?!

Why do women in America pay a BILLION dollars more in health insurance premiums than men? That’s absurd and it needs to be changed on the highest level possible, not just federal, but constitutionally!

Senator Barbara Mikulski makes a great point: “When we pay our utility bills, they don’t say ‘Oh you’re paid less, we’re gonna give you a discount’!”

Ever heard of the Equal Rights Amendment? Good news, now you have, and now you can do something about it. This is where the problem lies!

There are states in the US which observe the ERA, but it needs to be on a Federal level and amended in the actual Constitution! When Kamala hit the streets to ask citizens what they thought of the ERA, it wasn’t surprising to see that most people had never heard of it!

Here’s a basic definition: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States on account of sex.

Laws and legislation can easily be taken away in the United States on a majority vote. But if the ERA is in the Constitution, its a guarantee and can never be undone no matter who is in power. It can’t be voted against. So why the heck ain’t it in there yet!

Today the ERA is only 3 states short of taking it to the federal level, and Kamala and her crew are making this film to make us all aware that this law must be passed.

She especially wants to target Florida, a large state which has not yet ratified the ERA.

“From what I can tell, the southern part of the country is home to some of the most difficult situations for American women. The nexus of race, class and gender come together in a very illustrative way.” Kamala writes on the website for her Kickstarter campaign.

She has already raised more than what she initially set out to make, showing that there are plenty of women out there who agree with what she is doing and want it to be known on a bigger scale.

There are a group of men who are supporting Kamala and will be featured in the documentary. Why do they care? Because they believe the ERA is the only way they will be able to get equal justice in family courts. Interesting..
Go Kamala! We love this documentary already and want it to be seen all over the country. Additionally, it should be screened around the world to help empower women in countries where they have no rights and gender equality is seen as an absurd leftist notion. If there were more countries incorporating equal rights into their constitutions, justice, crime and healthcare would change drastically.

Watch the video below and share it with every woman you know. If we are to have equal rights once and for all, we don’t just need to make a loud noise and protest with pretty signs. It has to be done in our courts, in our congress, in our governments. And for all the girls and women out there who don’t care too much about politics, here’s some advice: it affects you whether you like it or not, and it’s time to start caring and making our world a safer, more empowered and exciting one for all future generations.


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