Even Lily Allen Has Confidence Issues, But Here’s How She Deals With It…


Outspoken British singer Lily Allen has no problems being real, which means she has the guts to admit her flaws as well as her strengths. She has always been the type of celeb who has no problem calling out the problems with female culture, as evidenced by her video from 2013 “Hard out here (for a bitch)” which was a definite parody of some of the raunchy clips from other popstars.

But don’t worry, she isn’t just full of bitchy bitterness, she actually has some pretty accurate commentary on the state of things and was doing this long before Lorde’s ‘Royals’ came along. Remember her song The Fear? See below if you haven’t.

After getting married, having multiple miscarriages, then taking a hiatus from the life of fame to raise her two children, son Sam and daughters Ethel and Marnie Rose, she is back and this time with a refreshingly honest perspective on what life is like these days.

She told Elle UK that even she has confidence issues at times, and wishes she looked a little “prettier” but admits that is because of what we are force-fed as young girls by society.

“Of course I’d rather look like Kate Moss than look like myself,’ she admits. ‘I wish I didn’t feel like that, and I think the reason we feel like that is because of the imagery we’re fed all the time.”


Which brings her to the topic of feminism for the modern woman and what she thinks is holding it back from being more effective.

“Women are still expected, in some weird way, to kind of… Sit there and look pretty. And not talk.”

“So often, when women say things that are outspoken, or  as I call it just saying things, people jump on that and try to make us look stupid for having an opinion. That doesn’t happen with men. Come on, we’ve done feminism. People are aware of it. Can it just happen now?”

Her annoyance is fueled by the negative reactions she received for Hard Out Here which was meant to be more of a tongue in cheek commentary on how ridiculous the feminine “ideal” has become thanks to a handful of popstars’ penchant for getting naked on the regular.

“I felt like I was being brave doing the baggy p**** thing, and that got lost. That was meant to be the feminist moment. It was a brave thing to do – say that you have an enormous vagina!’”


The other thing Lily Allen doesn’t like is fame. It is something she doesn’t want her children growing up around, and will only reserve the spotlight for herself when she has an actual album to promote, not everyday life situations.”I don’t want to be a famous person. But the nature of the industry, when I have an album to promote, I do want to be famous. I want people to buy it! And I want them to go to my shows. That’s how it works. But I don’t want that frenzy. I think it’s weird for children to grow up around that.”

She says being a singer is the perfect career choice for her because she has a lot to say and like being creative about her messages.

“I’m a creative person, I like to speak my mind.  Making music is the perfect vehicle for that.”

Oh and for the record Lily, we are glad you look, sound and act like you, and not anyone else, including Kate Moss. You have taught so many young girls who listen to your music that life is not about diamonds, fame, being rich or always being pretty. So when you have those moments where you forget, do what we do and remind yourself of how awesome you are and how rad it is to be an individual woman with strength and an opinion.

We present to you the recipe for fearless-ness, ‘The Fear’.


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